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AptWthr-Current(Use This for best current weather from NWS/AWS/NOAA)

FastAWS Links (Metars, Airmets, Sigmets, ProgCharts)





DuckDuck Go

Speed Test(Loc1)(Shared Server, http, Omnis hosting)(small websites)

Speed Test(Loc2)(corporate server, https)

Speed Test(Loc2a)(corporate server, http)

Speed Test(Loc3)(Shared Server, http, Dreamhost shared hosting)(small websites)

Speed Test(Loc3a)(Shared Server, https, Dreamhost shared hosting)(small websites)(seems to display the slowest speeds of the tests here)

Speed Test(Loc4)(Max Speed test, https, Dreamhost Max speed plan)(this test should display, most consistently, your fastest MAX possible, in production, speed)

Ref Speed Test(<2MB dwnld) to run on slow side of max, has banner ads)

Ref Speed Test2,, https(although Chrome mobile gives an error when attempting to access this site via https) (one of the last online speed tests)(has static banner ad for MegaPath internet service)

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