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CERT Recently Published Vulnerability Notes
CERT publishes vulnerability advisories called "Vulnerability Notes." Vulnerability Notes include summaries, technical details, remediation information, and lists of affected vendors. Many vulnerability notes are the result of private coordination and disclosure efforts.
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Recent Vulnerabilities
DHS National Cyber Security Division_US Cert_National Vulnerability Database (Search form)

(1) VU#125336: Microsoft Office for Mac cannot properly disable XLM macros
(2) VU#766427: Multiple D-Link routers vulnerable to remote command execution
(3) VU#927237: Pulse Secure VPN contains multiple vulnerabilities
(4) VU#763073: iTerm2 with tmux integration is vulnerable to remote command execution
(5) VU#719689: Multiple vulnerabilities found in the Cobham EXPLORER 710 satcom terminal
(6) VU#672565: Exim fails to properly handle trailing backslashes in string_interpret_escape()
(7) VU#918987: Bluetooth BR/EDR supported devices are vulnerable to key negotiation attacks
(8) VU#605641: HTTP/2 implementations do not robustly handle abnormal traffic and resource exhaustion
(9) VU#489481: Cylance Antivirus Products Susceptible to Concatenation Bypass
(10) VU#790507: Oracle Solaris vulnerable to arbitrary code execution via /proc/self

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