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KELY 221653Z AUTO 01012KT 10SM CLR 07/M06 A3008 RMK AO2 SLP153 T00671061
KELY 221120Z 2212/2312 19011KT P6SM FEW250 FM221700 VRB06KT P6SM FEW250 FM221900 35011KT P6SM SCT250 FM230300 12011KT P6SM SKC FM230700 17013KT P6SM SCT250

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METAR Numeric Codes (usually listed after RMK)

1xxxxx___6-hr maximum temp(2nd digit=0 is positive, 1 is negative)(eg. 10405 = +40.5 degrees Celsius)

2xxxxx___6-hr minimum temp (eg. 21337 = -33.7 degrees Celsius)

4/xxx___Total snow depth in inches (eg. 4/020 = snow depth of 20 inches on ground)

4xxxxxxxx___24-hr maximum/minimum temperatures, 2nd and sixth digits equal 0 for positive and 1 for negative (eg. 401551095 = 24-hr maximum temp of +15.5 degrees Celsius and a 24-hr minimum temp of -9.5 degrees Celsius)

5xxxx___3 hour pressure tendency. The second digit gives the tendency/trend: 0–3 is rising, 4 is steady and 5–8 is falling , the last 3 digits give the pressure change in tenths of a millibar in the last 3 hours. (eg 50009 indicates a rising pressure tendency/trend of 0.9 millibars.)

6xxxx___3 or 6 hour precipitation amount. The last 4 digits are the inches of rain in hundredths. (eg. 60200 = 2 inches of rain)

7xxxx___24-hour precipitation amount. The last 4 digits are the inches of rain in hundredths. (eg. 70500 = 5 inches of rain)

8/xxx___Cloud cover using WMO code. Three digit code follows the /. Lower numbers are for clearer skies, high numbers are for overcast. (I have not seen this in the NorCal airport METARs yet).

98xxx___Duration of sunshine in minutes. The last three digits after 98 are minutes. (eg. 98120 = 120 minutes of sunshine)

931xxx___Snowfall in the last 6-hours. The last three digits display snowfall in inches and tenths. (eg. 931515 = 51.5 inches of snowfall)

933xxx___Liquid water equivalent of the snow (SWE). The last three digits display liquid water equivalent of snow in inches and tenths (eg. 933055 = 5.5 inches of liquid water in snow)

Other METAR codes
SLP155 = current barometric pressure extrapolated to sea level (SLP155 equals 1015.5 hPa)(Standard Pressure equals SLP133 or 1013.25(1013.3 hPa/millibars)

Pxxxx = liquid-equivalent precipitation accumulated during the last hour to hundredths of inches (P0050 = .5 inch of rain in the past hour)

Txxxxxxxx is the Hourly Temperature and Dew point. The first 4 digits are temperature. The second 4 digits are Dew Point. The first digit of each group is either 0 for above zero Celsius or 1 for below zero Celsius. (eq. T00251015 = Temp +2.5C, Dew Pt -1.5C)


TORNADIC ACTIVITY: Augmented; report should include TORNADO, FUNNEL CLOUD, or WATERSPOUT, time begin/end, location, movement; e.g., TORNADO B25 N MOV E.

TYPE OF AUTOMATED STATION: AO2; automated station with precipitation discriminator.

PEAK WIND: PK WND dddff(f)/(hh)mm; direction in tens of degrees, speed in whole knots, and time.
PK WND 20032/25

WSHFT 1715

TOWER OR SURFACE VISIBILITY: TWR VIS vvvvv: visibility reported by tower personnel, e.g., TWR VIS 2; SFC VIS vvvvv: visibility reported by ASOS, e.g., SFC VIS 2.

VARIABLE PREVAILING VISIBILITY: VIS vnvnvnvnvnVvxvxvxvxvx; reported if prevailing visibility is < 3 miles and variable.
VIS 3/4V1 1/2

VISIBILITY AT SECOND LOCATION: VIS vvvvv [LOC]; reported if different than the reported prevailing visibility in body of report.
VIS 3/4 RWY11

LIGHTNING: [FREQ] LTG [LOC]; when detected the frequency and location is reported, e.g., FRQ LTG NE(freq. lightning in the NE), LTG DSNT W (Lightning Distant in the West)(DSNT/distant is weather greater than 10 statute miles from an observation point)(a lightning strike observed/detected 25 statute miles west of the observation point (ASOS/AWOS/Apt Ctl Twr) would be coded as LTG DSNT W)(lightning strikes observed/detected in all quadrants 25 statute miles from the observation point (ASOS/AWOS/Apt Ctl Twr) would be coded as LTG DSNT ALQDS)

VIRGA: Augmented; precipitation not reaching the ground, e.g., VIRGA.

VARIABLE CEILING HEIGHT: CIG hnhnhnVhxhxhx; reported if ceiling in body of report is < 3000 feet and variable.
CIG 013V017

CEILING HEIGHT AT SECOND LOCATION: CIG hhh [LOC]; Ceiling height reported if secondary ceilometer site is different than the ceiling height in the body of the report.
CIG 017 RWY11

SENSOR STATUS INDICATORS: RVRNO: RVR missing; PWINO: precipitation identifier information not available; PNO: precipitation amount not available; FZRANO: freezing rain information not available; TSNO: thunderstorm information not available; VISNO [LOC]: visibility at secondary location not available, e.g., VISNO RWY06; CHINO [LOC]: (cloud-height-indicator) sky condition at secondary location not available, e.g., CHINO RWY06.

MAINTENANCE CHECK INDICATOR: Maintenance needed on the system.

If an element or phenomena does not occur, is missing, or cannot be observed, the corresponding group and space are omitted (body and/or remarks) from that particular report, except for Sea-Level Pressure (SLPppp). SLPNO shall be reported in a METAR when the SLP is not available.

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE - NATIONAL OCEANIC AND ATMOSPHERIC ADMINISTRATION - National Weather Service - Observing Systems Branch, 1325 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

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[ For aviation purposes, the ceiling is the lowest broken or overcast layer or vertical visibility into a complete obscuration. ]

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