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AWC_NWS Contractions_(NOV2015)
AWC Text Data Server:

contraction word/meaning useage
+FC tornado/water spout METAR
A absolute (temperature) NWS
A Alaskan Standard Time (time groups only) NWS
A amber GEN
A arctic (air mass) NWS
AAC Aeronautical Center, FAA GEN
AAC Alaskan Air Command GEN
AAD Assigned altitude deviation ICAO
AAF Army Air Field GEN
AAL above aerodrome level ICAO
AAL Alaskan Region- FAA GEN
AATM at all times GEN
AAWF Auxiliary Aviation Weather Facility NWS
AAWTA advise at what time able ICAO
ABBR abbreviate GEN
ABCST automatic broadcast GEN
ABD aboard GEN
ABI Advance boundary information ICAO
ABM abeam GEN
ABN aerodrome beacon ICAO
ABND abandon GEN
ABNDT abundant GEN
ABNML abnormal GEN
ABT about GEN
ABV above GEN
AC Advisory Circular GEN
AC altocumulus NWS
AC assistant chief GEN
ACARS Aircraft communication addressing & reporting system ICAO
ACAS airborne collision avoidance system ICAO
ACCAS altocumulus castellanus NWS
ACCT account GEN
ACCUM accumulate GEN
ACDNT accident GEN
ACDO Air Carrier District Office GEN
ACE Central Region- FAA GEN
ACES access GEN
ACFT aircraft GEN
ACK acknowledge GEN
ACLD above clouds GEN
ACLS automatic carrier landing system GEN
ACLT accelerate GEN
ACN aircraft classification number ICAO
ACN all concerned notified GEN
ACNOT accident notice GEN
ACP acceptance (message type designator) ICAO
ACP area command post GEN
ACPT accept GEN
AWC Contractions
Sorted by Contraction
ACPY accompany GEN
ACR air carrier GEN
ACRS across GEN
ACSL standing lenticular altocumulus NWS
ACT active or activated or activity ICAO
ACT Technical Center- FAA GEN
ACTG acting GEN
ACTV active GEN
ACTVT activate GEN
ACW aircraft control and warning GEN
ACYC anticyclonic NWS
AD aerodrome ICAO
ADAP Airport Development Aid Program GEN
ADC Aerodrome chart ICAO
ADCF Air Defense Control Facility GEN
ADCON advise or issue instructions to all concerned GEN
ADCUS advise customs GEN
ADDN addition GEN
ADE Air Defense Emergency GEN
ADF automatic direction finder GEN
ADIZ air defense identification zone GEN
ADJ adjacent GEN
ADLO Air Defense Liaision Officer GEN
ADMAP advise by air mail as soon as possible GEN
ADMIN administration GEN
ADMIR administrator GEN
ADMIV administrative GEN
ADO Aerodrome office (specify service) ICAO
ADO Airport District Office GEN
ADP automatic data processing GEN
ADPE automatic data processing equipment GEN
ADPS automatic data processing systems GEN
ADQT adequate GEN
ADRNDCK adirondack NWS
ADS address GEN
ADS Air Defense Sector GEN
ADS automatic dependent surveillance ICAO
ADSPN advise disposition GEN
ADSU automatic dependent surveillance unit ICAO
ADV advise NWS
ADVALT allotment advice GEN
ADVC advice GEN
ADVCTN advection NWS
ADVN advance GEN
ADVY advisory NWS
ADW air defense warning GEN
ADZ advise GEN
ADZOF advise this office GEN
ADZY advisory GEN
AEA Eastern Region- FAA GEN
AEM aircraft and engine mechanic GEN
AENG airways engineer GEN
AER approach end runway GEN
AERO aeronautical GEN
AES aircraft earth station ICAO
AEU Europe- Africa- and Middle East Office- FAA GEN
AEW airborne early warning GEN
AFB Air Force Base GEN
AFC area forecast center NWS
AFCT affect GEN
AFD Airport/Facility Directory GEN
AFDK after dark NWS
AFIL filed flight plan in the air GEN
AFIRM affirmative GEN
AFIS aerodrome flight information service ICAO
AFM affirmative ICAO
AFNEA Air Force NOTAM Exchange Area GEN
AFNEO Air Force NOTAM Exchange Office GEN
AFREP Air Force Representative to the FAA GEN
AFRT air freight GEN
AFS aeronautical fixed service GEN
AFS airways facilities sector GEN
AFSFO airways facilities sector field office GEN
AFSFOU airways facilities sector field office plus unit GEN
AFSO airways facilities sector office GEN
AFSS Automated Flight Service Station GEN
AFT after GEN
AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network GEN
AFTN afternoon GEN
AGA aerodromes- air routes and ground aids ICAO
AGACS automatic ground air/ground communication system GEN
A-GEAR arresting gear GEN
AGL above ground level GEN
AGL Great Lakes Region- FAA GEN
AGN again GEN
AGR agree GEN
AGRMT agreement GEN
AHD ahead GEN
AIATSC all international air traffic switching centers GEN
AIC Aeronautical Information Circular GEN
AID airport information desk GEN
AIDC Air traffic services inter-facility data communication ICAO
AILS automatic instrument landing system GEN
AIM Aeronautical Information Manual GEN
AIP aeronautical information publications (In General) GEN
AIRAC aeronautical information regulation and control GEN
AIRCOMNET Air Force Communications Network GEN
AIREP air report GEN
AIRMET Airmen's Meteorological Information GEN
AIROPNET air operations network GEN
AIS aeronautical information service GEN
AIS aeronautical information specialist GEN
AIS airport in sight GEN
AL all (when used as prefix) GEN
AL annual leave GEN
ALA alighting area GEN
ALACFO all air carrier field offices GEN
ALADLO all air defense liaison officers in region GEN
ALAFFO all airway facilities sector and field offices GEN
ALANO all accident notice offices GEN
ALARTC all air route traffic control centers in region GEN
ALAT all air traffic service personnel in region GEN
ALATAS all air traffic (area) supervisors in region GEN
ALATF all air traffic field facilities GEN
ALATFO all air traffic field offices GEN
all offices having send-receive teletypewriter service on
circuit GEN
ALCS/C all AT combined station/centers in region GEN
ALCS/T all AT combined station/towers in region GEN
ALCT attempt to locate GEN
ALDA Air Line Dispatchers Association GEN
ALF aloft NWS
ALFAA all FAA field offices and personnel GEN
ALFAB all FAA offices on Service B GEN
ALFSFO all flight standards field offices GEN
ALFSS all flight service stations in region GEN
ALG along GEN
ALGHNY Allegheny NWS
all international aeronautical telecommunication switching
centers GEN
ALIFO all international field offices GEN
ALIFSS all international flight service stations in region GEN
ALNMT alignment GEN
ALNOT alert notice GEN
ALP airport layout plan GEN
ALPA Air Line Pilots Association GEN
ALQDS all quadrants NWS
ALR alerting ICAO
ALRAFAC all radar ATC facilities in region GEN
ALRGN all regional offices GEN
ALS approach light system GEN
ALSEC all sectors NWS
standard 2400' high-intensity approach lighting system
with sequenced flashers (Category I configuration) GEN
standard 2400' high-intensity approach lighting system
with sequenced flashers (Category II configuration) GEN
ALSTG altimeter setting GEN
ALT altitude GEN
ALTA Alberta NWS
ALTM altimeter GEN
ALTN alternate GEN
ALTN alternate (aerodrome) ICAO
ALTPT alternate airport GEN
ALTRV altitude reservation GEN
ALTWR all ATC towers in region GEN
ALUTN Aleutian NWS
ALWF actual wind factor NWS
AM ante meridiem NWS
AMA area minimum altitude ICAO
AMB ambiguity GEN
AMD amend / amended forecast GEN/
AMDT amendment GEN
AMECH account mechanical GEN
AMGR airport manager GEN
AMIS aircraft movement information services GEN
AMOS Automatic Meteorological Observing System GEN
AMP amplifier or amplify GEN
AMPLTD amplitude NWS
AMS aeronautical mobile service GEN
AMS air mass NWS
AMS American Meteorological Society NWS
AMSL above mean sea level GEN
AMSS aeronautical mobile satellite service ICAO
AMT amount GEN
ANC Aeronautical chart 1:500 000 (followed by name/title) ICAO
ANCPT anticipate GEN
Aeronautical navigation chart small scale (followed by
name/title scale) ICAO
ANE New England Region- FAA GEN
ANF air navigation facility GEN
ANG Air National Guard GEN
ANLYS analysis NWS
ANM Northwest Mountain Region- FAA GEN
ANMS Automatic Network Management System GEN
ANNC announce GEN
ANRA air navigation radio aids GEN
ANS answer GEN
ANT antenna GEN
ASOS automated observation without recipitation
discriminator (rain/snow) METAR
ASOS automated observation with precipitation
discriminator (rain/snow) NWS
AOA at or above GEN
AOB at or below GEN
AOC aerodrome obstacle chart (followed by type & name/title) ICAO
AOC airport operating certificate GEN
AOCP aircraft out of commission for parts GEN
AOE airport of entry GEN
AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association GEN
AP airport ICAO
APAP approach path alignment panel GEN
APAPI Abbreviated precision approach path indicator ICAO
APCH approach GEN
APDC Aircraft parking/docking chart (followed by name/title) ICAO
APL airport lights GEN
APLCN Appalachian NWS
APNT appoint GEN
APP approach control or approach control office ICAO
APPR appear GEN
APR airports program report GEN
APREQ approval request GEN
APRNT apparent GEN
APROP appropriate GEN
APRX approximate GEN
APS airborne pulse search radar GEN
APSG after passing ICAO
APV approve GEN
APVL approval GEN
ARAC Army radar approach control facility GEN
ARB Air Reserve Base GEN
ARC Area chart ICAO
ARFOR area forecast GEN
ARINC Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated GEN
ARLO Army Liaison Officer GEN
ARMET forecast upper wind and temperature at specified points GEN
ARML airmail GEN
ARND around GEN
ARNG arrange GEN
ARNOT area notice GEN
ARO air traffic services reporting office GEN
ARO Airport Reservations Office GEN
ARP aerodrome reference point ICAO
ARP airport reference point GEN
ARP airport reservation position GEN
ARP air-report GEN
ARPT airport GEN
ARQ automatic error correction equipment GEN
ARR arrival or arrive GEN
ARS Air Rescue Service (USAF) GEN
ARS special air-report GEN
ARSR air route surveillance radar GEN
ARST arrest GEN
ARSUP area supervisor GEN
ARTC air route traffic control GEN
ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Center GEN
ARTS Automated Radar Terminal Sytems GEN
ARU Airborne Radar Unit GEN
ARU Airspace Reservation Unit (Canadian) GEN
AS altostratus NWS
AS/R automatic send/receive GEN
ASAP as soon as possible GEN
ASC ascent to GEN
ASCU automatic scanning control unit GEN
ASD airspace docket GEN
ASDA accelerate-stop distance available GEN
ASDE airport surface detection equipment GEN
ASE Altimetry system error ICAO
ASGN assign GEN
ASI altimeter setting indicator GEN
ASIP airspace flight inspection pilot GEN
ASL above sea level GEN
ASND ascend GEN
ASO Southern Region- FAA GEN
ASOS automated surface observing system NWS
ASP airport system plan GEN
ASP airspace GEN
ASPH asphalt GEN
ASR airport surveillance radar GEN
ASSOC associate GEN
ASST assistant GEN
ASW Southwest Region- FAA GEN
ATA Air Transport Association of America GEN
ATAR above transmitted as received GEN
ATC air traffic control GEN
ATCA Air Traffic Control Association GEN
ATCBI ATC beacon interrogator GEN
ATCF ATC facility GEN
ATCH attach GEN
ATCOR ATC operations representative GEN
ATCRBS ATC radar beacon system GEN
ATCS ATC specialist GEN
ATCSCC ATC Systems Command Center GEN
ATCT Airport Traffic Control Tower GEN
ATD air traffic division GEN
ATDO airways technical district office GEN
ATFC account traffic GEN
ATFM air traffic flow management ICAO
ATIS automatic terminal information service GEN
ATLC Atlantic NWS
ATM air traffic management ICAO
ATMT attempt GEN
ATN Aeronautical Telecommunications Network ICAO
ATND attend GEN
ATO aeronautical telecommunications operator GEN
ATOG allowable take-off gross weight GEN
ATP air traffic procedures GEN
ATPAC Air Traffic Procedures Advisory Committee GEN
ATR air transport rating GEN
ATREP air traffic representative GEN
ATS air traffic service GEN
ATSCCP Air Traffic Service Contingency Command Post GEN
ATT American Telephone and Telegraph Company GEN
ATTM at this time GEN
ATTN attention GEN
ATZ aerodrome traffic zone ICAO
AUGRA authority granted GEN
AURBO Aurora Borealis NWS
AUREQ authority is requested GEN
AUTH authority GEN
AUTH authorized ICAO
AUTO automatic GEN
AUTOB automatic weather reporting system GEN
AUW all up weight (gross weight) GEN
AUX auxiliary GEN
AUZ authorize GEN
AVBL available GEN
AVG average GEN
AVGAS aviation gasoline GEN
AVN aviation GEN
AWANS Aviation Weather and NOTAM System GEN
AWBE automatic weather broadcast equipment GEN
AWOS automatic weather observing/reporting system GEN
AWP aviation weather processors NWS
AWP Western-Pacific Region- FAA GEN
AWS air weather service (USAF) GEN
AWT await or awaiting GEN
AWX account weather GEN
AWY airway GEN
AXPS air express GEN
AZM azimuth GEN
beginning of precipitation (time in minutes) (weather
reports only) NWS
B Bering Standard Time (time groups only) NWS
B blue GEN
BA braking action GEN
BACLIN baroclinic or baroclinic prognosis NWS
BAFVC bids accepted for the following vacancies GEN
BAL balance GEN
BASE cloud base GEN
BASOPS Base Operations Office GEN
BATROP barotropic or barotropic prognosis NWS
BC back course GEN
BC British Columbia NWS
BC patches METAR
BCFG fog patches NWS
BCH beach NWS
BCKG backing NWS
BCM back course marker GEN
BCM become GEN
BCN beacon GEN
BCST broadcast GEN
BCSTN broadcast station GEN
BDA Bermuda NWS
BDR border GEN
BDSLD bids solicited GEN
becoming (expected between 2 digit beginning hour and 2
digit ending hour) TAF
BFDK before dark NWS
BFR before GEN
BGN began or begin GEN
BHND behind GEN
BINOVC breaks in overcast NWS
BKN broken METAR
BL blowing METAR
BLD build NWS
BLDG building ICAO
BLDU blowing dust METAR
BLDUP buildup NWS
BLKHLS Black Hills NWS
BLKT blanket NWS
BLN balloon GEN
BLO below GEN
BLO below clouds ICAO
BLSA blowing sand METAR
BLSN blowing snow METAR
BLW below ICAO
BLZD blizzard NWS
BMBR bomber GEN
BMS basic meteorological services NWS
BND bound GEN
BNDRY boundary NWS
BNTH beneath GEN
BOMB bombimg GEN
BOVC base of overcast NWS
BPS bytes per second GEN
BR branch GEN
BRAF braking action fair GEN
BRAG braking action good GEN
BRAN braking action nil GEN
BRAP braking action poor GEN
BRF brief NWS
BRG bearing GEN
BRGT bright GEN
BRITE bright radar indicator tower equipment GEN
BRK break NWS
BRKG braking ICAO
BRKHIC breaks in higher overcast NWS
BRKSHR Berkshire NWS
BRM barometer NWS
BS commercial broadcasting station ICAO
BSAF bids solicited as follows GEN
BTL between layers ICAO
BTN between GEN
BTR better GEN
BTWN between NWS
BUEC backup emergency communication GEN
BUL bulletin GEN
BUR bureau GEN
BUS business GEN
BY blowing spray (weather reports only) METAR
BYD beyond GEN
BZR buzzer (radar) GEN
C celsius GEN
C Central Standard Time (time groups only) NWS
C centre (runway ID) ICAO
C continental (air mass) NWS
CAB Civil Aeronautics Board GEN
CACT civil air carrier turbojet GEN
CADO Chief Airport District Office GEN
CAM Canadian Armed Forces Transport Command GEN
CAN Canada NWS
CANFORCE Canadian Armed Force GEN
CANO catalogue number GEN
CANR Canadian NORAD Region GEN
CAO change of appointing office GEN
CAP Civil Air Patrol GEN
CAP/IS combined approach control/international station GEN
CAPT captain GEN
CARA check area airports GEN
CARF central altitude reservation function GEN
CARIB Caribbean NWS
CARU Canadian Airspace Reservation Unit GEN
CAS collision avoidance system GEN
CASCDS cascades NWS
CAT category GEN
CAT clear air turbulence GEN
CAUFN caution advised until further notice GEN
CAVOK cloud and visiblity OK NWS
clear or scattered clouds and visibility greater than ten
miles NWS
CAWS common aviation weather subsystem NWS
CB cumulonimbus NWS
CBMAM cumulonimbus mamma NWS
CC carbon copy GEN
CC cirrocumulus NWS
CCA continental control area GEN
CCC Central Computer Complex GEN
CCC Regional Communications Control Center GEN
CCD City (or County) Civil Defense Director at____ GEN
CCLKWS counterclockwise NWS
CCRU complete crew GEN
CCSL standing lenticular cirrocumulus NWS
CCTLR chief controller GEN
CCUS cleared Customs GEN
CD candela ICAO
CD civil defense GEN
CD clearance delivery GEN
CDC computer display channel GEN
CDFNT cold front NWS
CDN coordination ICAO
CDO communications duty officer GEN
CE communications equipment GEN
CELNAV celestial navigation GEN
CENGR civil engineer GEN
CERAP combined center/RAPCON GEN
CERT certificate GEN
CERTIF certification GEN
CF change frequency to ICAO
CFAD composite flight data processing GEN
CFADC Canadian Forces Air Defense Command GEN
CFCF central flow control function GEN
CFM confirm GEN
CFM Confirm or I confirm ICAO
CFN confine GEN
CFP cold front passage NWS
CFWSU central flow weather service unit GEN
CFY clarify GEN
CG Coast Guard GEN
CGAS Coast Guard Air Station GEN
CGL circling guidance light ICAO
CGLS Coast Guard LORAN Station GEN
CGSTN congestion GEN
CH channel ICAO
This is a channel-continuity-check of transmission to
permit comparison of your record of channel-sequence
numbers of messages received on the channel ICAO
CHAP chapter GEN
CHARC characteristic GEN
CHC chance NWS
CHG change GEN
CHM chemicals GEN
CHNL channel GEN
CHOK check okay GEN
CHRG charge GEN
CHSPK Chesapeake NWS
CHTR charter GEN
CI cirrus NWS
CIC controller in charge GEN
CIDIN common ICAO data interchange network ICAO
CIG ceiling NWS
Commander in Chief- North American Aerospace Defense-
Command GEN
CIRNOT circuit notice GEN
CIT near or over large towns ICAO
CIV civil ICAO
CK check ICAO
CKT circuit GEN
CL centre line ICAO
CL closing station GEN
CLA clear type of ice formation ICAO
CLBN crash locator beacon GEN
CLBR calibration GEN
CLD cloud NWS
CLG calling ICAO
CLKWS clockwise GEN
CLN colon GEN
CLNC clearance GEN
CLODA closing date GEN
CLOTO close this office GEN
CLR clear NWS
CLRS clear and smooth NWS
CLSD closed GEN
CLU circuit line up GEN
CM centimeter ICAO
CMA comma GEN
CMB climb to or climbing to ICAO
CMNC commence GEN
CMPCT compact GEN
CMPL complete or completed or completion ICAO
CMPLT complete GEN
CMPLX complex GEN
CMPSN composition GEN
CMPT component GEN
CMS construction maintenance supervisor GEN
CMSN commission GEN
CNCL cancel NWS
CNCNT concurrently GEN
CNCT connect GEN
CNDN Canadian NWS
CNL cancel GEN
CNS communications, navigation and surveillance ICAO
CNSTNT consistent GEN
CNTR center GEN
CNTRL central GEN
CNTRLN centerline GEN
CNVG converge GEN
CNVRT convert GEN
CNVSN conversion GEN
CNVTV convective NWS
CO company GEN
CO county GEN
COB close of business GEN
COLL collect GEN
COM communication GEN
COMB combine GEN
COML commercial GEN
COMLO compass locator GEN
COMPR compare GEN
COMPRT compartment GEN
CONC concrete GEN
COND condition GEN
CONF confidential GEN
CONFDC confidence NWS
CONFIGN configuration GEN
CONR Continental NORAD Region GEN
CONS continues ICAO
CONSOL consol beacon GEN
CONSOLAN low or medium frequency long range navigational aid GEN
CONST construction GEN
CONT continue or continuously GEN
CONTDVD Continental Divide NWS
CONTR contract GEN
CONTRAILS condensation trails NWS
COORD coordinate GEN
COORD Coordinates ICAO
COP changeover point GEN
COPCOM Controllers’ Operations and Procedures Committee GEN
COR correct or corrected or correction GEN
COREQ confirming requisition follows GEN
COT at the coast ICAO
COV cover ICAO
CP circular polarization GEN
CPA crash phone activated GEN
CPBL capable GEN
CPD coupled GEN
CPDLC Controller-pilot data link communications ICAO
CPF complete power failure GEN
CPL current flight plan ICAO
CPME calibration performance monitoring equipment GEN
CPN air transport pulse radar navigation aid GEN
CPS air transport pulse radar search GEN
CPTY capacity GEN
CRAD composite radar data processing GEN
CRAF civil reserve air fleet GEN
CRC circle GEN
CRC Cyclic redundancy check ICAO
CRCHF crew chief GEN
CRLC circulate GEN
CRS course GEN
CRT cathode ray tube GEN
CRTFY certify GEN
CRYPTO cryptographic GEN
CRZ cruise ICAO
CS Call sign ICAO
CS cirrostratus NWS
CS/C combined station/center GEN
CS/T combined station/tower GEN
CSDR consider GEN
CSDRBL considerable GEN
CSLDT consolidate GEN
CST coast NWS
CTA control area ICAO
CTC contact GEN
CTGY category NWS
CTL control GEN
CTLA control area GEN
CTLB control boundary GEN
CTLR controller GEN
CTLZ control zone GEN
CTN caution GEN
CTR control zone ICAO
CTRAC common terminal radar approach control GEN
CTSKLS Catskills NWS
CU cumulus NWS
CUF cumuliform ICAO
CUFRA cumulus fractus NWS
CUSNO customs has been notified GEN
CUST customs ICAO
CVN convene GEN
CVR Cockpit voice recorder ICAO
CVR cover GEN
CW continuous wave ICAO
CWM change weight manifest GEN
CWSU central weather service unit GEN
CWY clearway ICAO
CYC cyclonic NWS
CYCLGN cyclogenesis NWS
CYL cylinder GEN
CZM coastal zone management GEN
D danger area ICAO
DA decision altitude ICAO
DABRK daybreak NWS
DAE district airport engineer GEN
DAIRE direct altitude and identification readout equipment GEN
DALGT daylight GEN
DAP do all possible GEN
DASI digital altimeter setting indicator GEN
D-ATIS Data link automatic terminal information service ICAO
DB decibel GEN
DB describe GEN
DBA doing business as GEN
DBASI digital barometer altimeter setting indicator GEN
DBL double GEN
DBTF doubtful GEN
DC direct current GEN
DCA Defense Communications Agency GEN
clear or scattered clouds and visibility greater than ten
remainder of report missing (weather reports only) NWS
DCD double channel duplex ICAO
DCF deputy chief GEN
DCKG docking ICAO
DCMSN decommission GEN
DCMT document GEN
DCPC Direct conroller-pilot communications ICAO
DCR decrease GEN
DCS defense communications system GEN
DCS double channel simplex GEN
DCT direct ICAO
DDM difference in depth of modulation GEN
DE From (used to precede the call sign of the calling station) ICAO
DECCO Defense Commercial Communications Office GEN
DEF defense GEN
DEFCON Defense Readiness Conditions GEN
DEG degree GEN
DELPHO deliver by telephone GEN
DEMOL demolition GEN
DENEB fog dispersal operations ICAO
DEP departure GEN
DEPT department GEN
DES descend to or descending to ICAO
DESTN destination GEN
DEW distant early warning GEN
DEWIZ distant early warning identification zone GEN
DF direction finder GEN
DFCLT difficult GEN
DFDR Digital flight data recorder ICAO
DFL daily flight log GEN
DFNT definite GEN
DFRS differs GEN
DFSTN direction finding station GEN
DFTI distance from touchdown indicator GEN
DFUS diffuse GEN
DGCGO dangerous cargo GEN
DGNL diagonal GEN
DGR danger GEN
DH decision height GEN
DIAM diameter GEN
DIF diffuse ICAO
DIR director GEN
DISABLD disabled GEN
DISC discontinue GEN
DISEM disseminate GEN
DIST distance ICAO
DIST district GEN
DISTR distribute GEN
DIV divert ICAO
DIV division GEN
DKTS Dakotas NWS
DLA delay GEN
DLIC Data link initiation capability ICAO
DLT delete GEN
DLVR deliver GEN
DLVY delivery GEN
DLY daily GEN
DMAAC Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center GEN
DMAHC Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic Center GEN
DME distance measuring equipment GEN
DMEG DME-collocated with glide slope GEN
DMEL DME-collocated with localizer GEN
DMER DME-tactical air navigation with DME only commissioned GEN
DMEV DME-collocated with VOR GEN
DMG damage GEN
DMNT dominant GEN
DMO Directives Management Officer, FAA GEN
DMSH diminish NWS
DMSTN demonstration GEN
DNA Defense Nuclear Agency GEN
DNG danger ICAO
DNS dense NWS
DNSLP downslope NWS
DNSTRM downstream NWS
DO Deputy Commander for Operations GEN
DO ditto GEN
DOB date of birth GEN
DOC Department of Commerce GEN
DOD Department of Defense GEN
DOE Department of Energy GEN
DOLLY data link GEN
DOM domestic ICAO
DOT Department of Transportation GEN
DP deep NWS
DP dew point temperature ICAO
DPNG deepening NWS
DPT depth ICAO
DPTH depth NWS
DR direct route GEN
DR low drifting METAR
DRCT direct GEN
DRCTN direction GEN
DRDU low drifting dust METAR
DRFT drift NWS
DRG during ICAO
DRIR direct readout infrared GEN
DRSA low drifting sand METAR
DRSN low drifting snow METAR
DRZL drizzle NWS
DS domestic services (island operations) GEN
DS dust storm METAR
DSB double sideband ICAO
DSGND designated GEN
DSIPT dissipate NWS
DSN Defense Switching Network GEN
DSNT distant GEN
DSPL display GEN
DSPLC displace GEN
DSPN disposition GEN
DSPRL dispersal GEN
DSR desire GEN
DSRGD disregard GEN
DST distort GEN
DSTC distance GEN
DTE data terminal equipment GEN
DTF data transmission feature GEN
DTG date time group GEN
DTHR Displaced runway threshold ICAO
DTL detail GEN
DTLN international dateline NWS
DTR data transmission request GEN
DTRM determine GEN
DTRT deteriorate NWS
DTS Diplomatic Telecommunications Service GEN
DTW dual tandem wheels ICAO
DU widespread dust METAR
DUATS direct user access terminal system GEN
DUC dense upper cloud ICAO
DUPE duplicate GEN
This is a duplicate message (to be used in AFS as a
procedure signal) ICAO
DUR duration ICAO
DURG during GEN
DURN duration GEN
DV distinguished visitors GEN
DVFR defense VFR GEN
DVLP develop GEN
DVOR doppler VHF omni-directional radio range ICAO
DVRG diverge GEN
DVRSN diversion GEN
DVV downward vertical velocity NWS
DW dual wheels ICAO
DWG drawing GEN
DWNDFTS downdrafts NWS
DWPNT dew point NWS
DX duplex GEN
DZ drizzle ICAO
E east or eastern longitude ICAO
E Eastern Standard Time (time groups only) NWS
ending of precipitation (time in minutes) (weather reports
only) NWS
E equatorial (air mass) NWS
E/G engine-generator GEN
E/R exchange and repair GEN
EARTS en route automated radar tracking system GEN
EB eastbound ICAO
EBND eastbound GEN
ECM electronic counter measures GEN
ECOM en route communications GEN
ECSP electronic specialist GEN
EDA early departure authorized GEN
EEE Error (to be used in AFS as a procedure signal) ICAO
EEM electronic equipment modification GEN
EENGR electrical engineer GEN
EEP end exercise point GEN
EET estimated elapsed time ICAO
EFA entire field available GEN
EFAS en route flight advisory service GEN
EFCT effect GEN
EFF effective GEN
EFTO encrypt for transmission only GEN
EG emergency gear GEN
EGECON electronic geographic coordinator navigation system GEN
EHF extremely high frequency (30000 to 300000 MHz) ICAO
EIT electronic installation technician GEN
ELAT estimated latitude GEN
ELBA emergency location beacon - aircraft ICAO
ELEC electric GEN
ELECN electrician GEN
ELEV elevate or elevation GEN
ELIP elliptical GEN
ELMT electronic mechanic technician GEN
ELNGT elongate NWS
ELONG estimated longitude GEN
ELR extra long range ICAO
ELSW elsewhere GEN
ELT emergency locator transmitter GEN
EM emission ICAO
EMBD embedded (in cloud layer) ICAO
EMBDD embedded NWS
EMDO Engineering and Manufacturing District Office GEN
EMERG emergency GEN
EMI electronic maintenance inspector GEN
EMSU environment meteorological support unit NWS
EMT electronic maintenance technician GEN
ENCTR encounter GEN
END stop-end (related to RVR) ICAO
ENDCE endurance GEN
ENDG ending GEN
ENE east-north east ICAO
ENERN east-northeastern (weather reports only) NWS
ENEWD east-northeastward (weather reports only) NWS
ENG engine GEN
ENGR engineer GEN
ENHNCD enhanced GEN
ENHNCMNT enhancement GEN
ENR en-route ICAO
ENRC Enroute chart (followed by name/title) ICAO
ENRT en route GEN
ENTR entire GEN
EOBT estimated off-block time ICAO
EOD entered on duty GEN
EOF expected operations forecast NWS
EQCRT equipment certified GEN
EQPT equipment ICAO
EQUIP equipment GEN
ER here ICAO
ERAD en route radar (broadband) GEN
ERY early GEN
ESCAT emergency security control of air traffic GEN
ESE east-south east ICAO
ESEC en route secondary radar beacon (broadband) GEN
ESERN east-southeastern (weather reports only) NWS
ESEWD east-southeastward (weather reports only) NWS
ESNTL essential GEN
EST estimate or estimation GEN
ESTAB establish GEN
ESV expanded service volume GEN
ET electronic technician GEN
ETA estimated time of arrival GEN
ETC et cetera GEN
ETD estimated time of departure GEN
ETE estimated time en route GEN
ETO estimated time over significant point ICAO
EU electronic unit GEN
EUO emergency use only GEN
EV every ICAO
EVAC evacuation GEN
EVAL evaluate or evaluation GEN
EVE evening GEN
EVS electronic voice switching system GEN
EXAM examination GEN
EXC except ICAO
EXCH exchange GEN
EXCLD exclude GEN
EXCLV exclusive GEN
EXCP except GEN
EXCT execute GEN
EXDLVY expedite delivery GEN
EXEC executive GEN
EXEC-1 President on board civil aircraft GEN
EXEC-1F President’s family is aboard aircraft GEN
EXEC-2 Vice President is aboard civil aircraft GEN
EXEC-2F Vice President’s family is aboard aircraft GEN
EXER exercise ICAO
EXP expect ICAO
EXPC expect GEN
EXPED expedite GEN
EXPHO expedite delivery by telephone GEN
EXPS express GEN
EXREP expedite mail reply GEN
EXSEC extra section GEN
EXSHI expedite shipment GEN
EXTD extend GEN
EXTN extension GEN
EXTRAP extrapolate NWS
EXTRM extreme NWS
EXTSV extensive GEN
F fahrenheit GEN
F flight inspection GEN
FA area forecast NWS
FA CENTER Aviation Area Forecast Center GEN
FAA Federal Aviation Administration GEN
FAAP federal aid to airports program GEN
FAAR FAA requirements GEN
FAC facility GEN
FACF facility chief GEN
FAD fuel advisory departure GEN
FAF final approach fix GEN
FAFAB FSS assumes flight-plan area and Service B GEN
FAH fahrenheit NWS
FAL facilitation of international air transport ICAO
FAM familiar or familiarization GEN
FAMAE following amendment authorized effective GEN
FAP final approach point ICAO
FAR Federal Aviation Regulations GEN
FATFL FSS assumes control of tower frequencies and lights GEN
FAX facsimile GEN
FBO fixed-base operator GEN
FC funnel cloud METAR
FCC Federal Communications Commission GEN
FCO facility coordination officer GEN
FCST forecast GEN
FCWOS FAA Contract Weather Observing Station GEN
FDAT flight data GEN
FDC Flight Data Center GEN
FDDL frequency division data link GEN
FDPS Flight data processing system ICAO
FE flight engineer GEN
FEW 1 or 2 octas (eighths) cloud coverage METAR
FFLT familiarization flight GEN
FFMN fixed federal monitoring network GEN
FGSB FSS guarding Service B GEN
FI/P flight information (permanent) GEN
FI/T flight information (temporary) GEN
FIBI filed but impracticable to transmit NWS
FIC Flight Information Center GEN
FIDO Flight Inspection District Office GEN
FIFO Flight Inspection Field Office GEN
FIFO-H Flight Inspection Field Office - High Altitude GEN
FIG figure GEN
FIG flight inspection group GEN
FIL filament GEN
FILG filling NWS
FILS florescan instrument landing system GEN
FINO weather report will not be filed for transmission NWS
FIR Flight Information Region GEN
FIRAV first available GEN
FIRB Flight Information Region Boundary GEN
FIRG firing GEN
FIS flight information service GEN
FISA automated flight information service ICAO
FL flash advisory NWS
FL flight level GEN
FLCTN fluctuation GEN
FLD field ICAO
FLDST flood stage NWS
FLG falling NWS
FLG flashing ICAO
FLIDAP flight data position GEN
FLIP flight information publication GEN
FLORL fluorescent runway lighting (floodlight system) GEN
FLR flares ICAO
FLRY flurry NWS
FLT flight GEN
FLTCK flight check GEN
FLTO flight orders GEN
FLTWO flight watch outlet GEN
FLUC fluctuating ICAO
FLW follow GEN
FLWIS flood warning issued NWS
FM fan marker GEN
FM from GEN
FMH fan marker located with radio beacon GEN
FMO frequency management officer GEN
FMS Flight management system ICAO
FMT format GEN
FMU flow management unit ICAO
FNA final approach ICAO
FNCTN function GEN
FNT front NWS
FNTGNS frontogenesis NWS
FNTLYS frontolysis NWS
FOB fuel on board GEN
FONE telephone GEN
FORNN forenoon NWS
FP flight plan GEN
FPDI flight path deviation indicator GEN
FPL filed flight plan ICAO
FPM feet per minute GEN
FPN fixed pulse radar navigation aid GEN
FPNO flight plan not received GEN
FPR flight plan route GEN
FQT frequent GEN
FR fuel remaining GEN
FRC full route clearance GEN
FREQ frequency GEN
FRFAB FSS returns flight-plan area and Service B GEN
FRM form GEN
FRMG forming NWS
FRMN formation GEN
FRNG firing ICAO
FROPA frontal passage NWS
FROSFC frontal surface NWS
FRQ frequent ICAO
FRSB FSS returns Service B GEN
FRST frost NWS
FRTFL FSS returns control of tower frequencies and lights GEN
FRWF forecast wind factor NWS
FRZ freeze NWS
FRZLVL freezing level NWS
FRZN frozen NWS
FSDO Flight Standards District Office GEN
FSNFO Flight Standards National Field Office GEN
FSP flight strip printer GEN
FSS Flight Service Station GEN
Flight Services Station Operations and Procedures-
Committee GEN
FT feet GEN
FT filing time GEN
FT foot GEN
FTAR following transmitted as received (message handling) GEN
FTHR farther or further GEN
FTS Federal Telecommunications System GEN
FU smoke METAR
FURN furnish GEN
FW/SIFR fixed wing special IFR GEN
FW/SVFR fixed wing special VFR GEN
FWA flight watch area GEN
FWC Fleet Weather Central NWS
FWCS flight watch control station GEN
FWD forward GEN
FWDC forward collect GEN
FWP flight watch point GEN
FWRNG fire warning GEN
FWS flight watch specialist GEN
FWU flight watch unit GEN
FYI for your information GEN
FZ supercooled/freezing METAR
FZDZ freezing drizzle METAR
FZFG freezing fog METAR
FZRA freezing rain METAR
G Green ICAO
G gusts reaching (knots) (weather reports only) NWS
G/A ground to air ICAO
G/A/G ground to air and air to ground ICAO
GA general aviation GEN
GA glide angle GEN
Go ahead, resume sending (to be used in AFS as a
procedure signal) ICAO
GADO General Aviation District Office GEN
GBA give better address GEN
GBL government bill of lading GEN
GBR give better reference GEN
GC ground control GEN
GCA ground control approach GEN
GCI ground control intercept GEN
GEN general GEN
GENOT general notice GEN
GEO geographic GEN
GEOREF geographical reference GEN
GES ground earth station ICAO
GHZ gigahertz GEN
GICG glaze icing NWS
GLD glider ICAO
GLDR glider GEN
GLFALSK Gulf of Alaska NWS
GLFCAL Gulf of California NWS
GLFMEX Gulf of Mexico NWS
GLFSTLAWR Gulf of St. Lawrence NWS
GLONASS global navigation satellite system ICAO
GLONASS Global orbiting navigation satellite system ICAO
GMC Ground movement chart (followed by name/title) ICAO
GMT Greenwich Mean Time GEN
GND ground GEN
GNDCK ground check ICAO
GNDFG ground fog NWS
GNSS global navigation satellite system (in general) ICAO
GNTR generator GEN
GOV Governor GEN
GOVT government GEN
GP glide path GEN
GQA get quick answer GEN
GR hail (greater than 3/4") METAR
GRAD gradient NWS
GRADU gradual ICAO
GRASS grass landing area ICAO
GRBL garble GEN
GRBNKS Grand Banks NWS
GRDL gradual NWS
GRID grid point values of processed meteorological data ICAO
GRTLKS Great Lakes NWS
GRVL gravel GEN
GS glide slope GEN
GS snow pellets/small hail (less than 3/4") METAR
GSA General Services Administration GEN
GSDO General Safety District Office GEN
GSI general safety inspector GEN
GSTS gusts NWS
GSTY gusty NWS
GTCL Great Circle GEN
GTR greater GEN
GUND Geoid undulation ICAO
GV ground visibility NWS
GVG giving GEN
GVH government vehicle GEN
GWT gross weight GEN
H24 continuous 24-hour service ICAO
HAA height above airport GEN
HADA Hawaiian Defense Area GEN
HADD Hawaiian Air Defense Division GEN
HADIZ Hawaiian Air Defense Identification Zone GEN
HAL height above landing GEN
HANG Hawaiian Air National Guard GEN
HAT height above touchdown GEN
HAZ hazard GEN
HBN hazard beacon ICAO
HCVIS high clouds visible NWS
HDF high frequency direction finding station ICAO
HDFRZ hard freeze NWS
HDG heading ICAO
HDSVLY Hudson Valley NWS
HDTA high density traffic airport GEN
HEL helicopter GEN
HELI heliport GEN
HF high frequency GEN
HGT height GEN
HHE household effects GEN
HI high NWS
HIALS high intensity approach light system GEN
HIBAL high altitude balloon GEN
HIEAT highest temperature equaled for all time NWS
HIEFM highest temperature equaled for the month NWS
HIESE highest temperature equaled so early NWS
HIESL highest temperature equaled so late NWS
HIFOR high level forecast NWS
HIRL high intensity runway lights GEN
HITMP highest temperature NWS
HIWAS hazardous inflight weather advisory service GEN
HIXAT highest temperature exceeded for all time NWS
HIXFM highest temperature exceeded for the month NWS
HIXSE highest temperature exceeded so early NWS
HIXSL highest temperature exceeded so late NWS
HJ sunrise to sunset ICAO
HLDG holding ICAO
HLF half GEN
HLSTO hailstones NWS
HLTP hilltop NWS
HN sunset to sunrise ICAO
HND hundred GEN
HNGR hangar GEN
HO service available to meet operational requirements ICAO
HOL holiday GEN
HOP helicopter operations GEN
HOSP hospital aircraft ICAO
HP holding pattern GEN
HPA hectopascal ICAO
HQ headquarters GEN
HR here GEN
HR hour GEN
HRZN horizon GEN
HS service available during scheduled operations ICAO
HTN heterodyne GEN
HTR heater GEN
HURCN hurricane NWS
HUREP hurricane report NWS
HV high voltage GEN
HVDF high and very high frequency direction finding stations ICAO
HVY heavy GEN
HWVR however GEN
HWY highway GEN
HX high index NWS
HX no specific working hours ICAO
HYD hydraulic GEN
HYDRO hydrographic GEN
HYR higher ICAO
Hz hertz GEN
International Administrative Aeronautical Radio-
Conference GEN
IAC instrument approach chart (followed by name/title) ICAO
IAF initial approach fix GEN
IAO in and out of clouds ICAO
IAP instrument approach procedure GEN
IAR intersection of air routes ICAO
IATA International Air Transport Association GEN
International Aeronautical Telecommunications-Switching
Center GEN
IAW in accordance with GEN
IBN identification beacon ICAO
IC ice crystals (weather reports only) METAR
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization GEN
ICG icing NWS
ICGIC icing in clouds NWS
ICGICIP icing in clouds and precipitation NWS
ICGIP icing in precipitation NWS
ID identification GEN
IDAT interfacility data GEN
IDENT identify or identifier or identification GEN
IDP individual development plan GEN
IF intermediate approach fix ICAO
IF intermediate fix GEN
IFF identification friend/foe ICAO
IFIM International Flight Information Manual GEN
IFO International Field Office GEN
IFO interphone GEN
IFONO interphone (service F) not operative GEN
IFORO interphone (service F) resumed operation GEN
IFR instrument flight rules GEN
IFSS International Flight Service Station GEN
IFUN if unable GEN
IGA international general aviation ICAO
IGIA Interagency Group on International Aviation GEN
IIA if incorrect advise GEN
IISD if incorrect service direct GEN
ILS instrument landing system GEN
ILSP ILS-partial GEN
IM inner marker GEN
IMC instrument meteorological conditions GEN
IMDT immediate NWS
IMF interrogation sign GEN
IMG immigration ICAO
IMI Intensity unknown (weather reports only) ICAO
IMP impracticable GEN
IMPL impulse GEN
IMPR improve ICAO
IMPT important GEN
IMT immediate or immediately GEN
IN inch GEN
INA initial approach ICAO
INADQT inadequate GEN
INATS interruption of air traffic services GEN
INBD inbound ICAO
INC in clouds ICAO
INC incorporated GEN
INCL include GEN
INCLV inclusive GEN
INCOMP incomplete GEN
INCOR incorrect GEN
INCR increase GEN
INDC indicate GEN
INDEF indefinite GEN
INDUS industrial GEN
INF inland navigation facility GEN
INFO information GEN
INIT initial training GEN
INLD inland NWS
INOF if not off GEN
INOP inoperative GEN
INP if not possible GEN
INPR in progress ICAO
INREQ information request GEN
INS inertial navigation system ICAO
INSP inspect GEN
INST instrument GEN
INSTA interstate GEN
INSTBY instability NWS
INSTL install GEN
INSTR instruct GEN
INSTR instrument ICAO
INSUF insufficient scheduled time available GEN
INSUF unable to finish GEN
INT intersection ICAO
INTCNTL intercontinental GEN
INTCP intercept GEN
INTD intend GEN
INTER intermittent ICAO
INTFC interference GEN
INTL international GEN
INTMD intermediate GEN
INTMT intermittent GEN
INTNS intentions GEN
INTR interior NWS
INTRG interrogator ICAO
INTRMTRGN Inter-Mountain Region NWS
INTRP interrupt GEN
INTS intense NWS
INTSF intensify or intensifying ICAO
INTSFY intensify NWS
INTST intensity GEN
INTVL interval GEN
INTXN intersection GEN
INVES investigate GEN
INVRN inversion NWS
INVSTAR investigate and report GEN
IOVC in overcast NWS
IP instructor pilot GEN
IPV improve GEN
IR ice on runway NWS
IR IFR military training route GEN
IRAC Interdepartmental Radio Advisory Committee GEN
IREG irregular GEN
IS island GEN
ISA international standard atmosphere ICAO
ISB independent sideband ICAO
ISMGR Island Manager GEN
ISMLS interim standard microwave landing system GEN
ISOL isolate GEN
ITNRNT itinerant GEN
ITRY itinerary GEN
ITU International Telecommunications Union GEN
JAL jet approach landing charts GEN
JCTN junction GEN
JOUR journeyman GEN
JTST jet stream ICAO
JTSTR jet stream NWS
K Cold (air mass) NWS
KC kilocycles GEN
KEPOA keep this office advised GEN
KFRST killing frost NWS
KG kilogram GEN
KHZ kilohertz GEN
KM kilometers GEN
KMH kilometers per hour ICAO
KPA kilopascal ICAO
KT knots GEN
KW kilowatt GEN
L locator ICAO
L logistics GEN
L/MF low/medium frequency GEN
LAA local airport advisory GEN
LAB laboratory GEN
LABRDR labrador NWS
LABS low altitude bombing system GEN
LAM logical acknowledgement ICAO
LAN inland ICAO
LAT latitude GEN
LAWRS Limited Aviation Weather Reporting Station GEN
LB pounds (weight) GEN
LC local control GEN
LCL local or locally GEN
LCT locate GEN
LCTMP little change in temperature NWS
LD long distance GEN
LDA landing distance available ICAO
LDG landing ICAO
LDI landing direction indicator ICAO
LDIN lead in lighting system GEN
LEN length ICAO
LETFO letter follows GEN
LF low frequency GEN
LFC laminar flow control GEN
LFNT low frequency intersection GEN
LFR low frequency radio range GEN
LFT lift NWS
LGRNG long range NWS
LGT light GEN
LGTD lighted ICAO
LGWV long wave GEN
LICOF land lines communications facilities GEN
LIFR low IFR (weather reports only) NWS
LIH light intensity high ICAO
LIL light intensity low ICAO
LIM light intensity medium ICAO
LIN linearity GEN
LIRL low intensity runway edge lights GEN
LK lake NWS
LKLY likely GEN
LL landline GEN
LLWAS low level wind shear alert system GEN
LLWS low level wind shear GEN
LLZ localizer ICAO
LM locator middle ICAO
LMM compass locator at ILS middle marker GEN
LMT limit GEN
LMT Local Mean Time ICAO
LN line GEN
LND land GEN
LNDG landing GEN
LO liaison officer GEN
LO outer locator ICAO
LOA letter of agreement GEN
LOC localizer GEN
LOC locally ICAO
LOCOR local coordinator GEN
LODISNAV long distance navigation GEN
LOEAT lowest temperature equaled for all time NWS
LOEFM lowest temperature equaled for the month NWS
LOESE lowest temperature equaled so early NWS
LOESL lowest temperature equaled so late NWS
LOM compass locator at ILS outer marker GEN
LONG longitude GEN
LONGL longitudinal GEN
LOP line of position GEN
LORAC long range accuracy GEN
LORAN long range air navigation system GEN
LOTMP lowest temperature NWS
LOXAT lowest temperature exceeded for all time NWS
LOXFM lowest temperature exceeded for the month NWS
LOXSE lowest temperature exceeded so early NWS
LOXSL lowest temperature exceeded so late NWS
LP liquid propane GEN
LR The last message received by me was …. ICAO
LRA landing rights airport GEN
LRCOM long range VHF/UHF communications GEN
LRG large GEN
LRG long range GEN
LRS lake reporting service GEN
The last message sent by me was …or last message
was… ICAO
LSQ line squall ICAO
LSR loose snow on runway NWS
LST Local Standard Time GEN
LTAV light and variable GEN
LTD limited ICAO
LTGCA lightning cloud-to-air NWS
LTGCC lightning cloud-to-cloud NWS
LTGCCCG lightning cloud-to-cloud,cloud to ground NWS
LTGCG lightning cloud-to-ground NWS
LTGCW lightning cloud-to-water NWS
LTGIC lightning in clouds NWS
LTL little GEN
LTLCG little change NWS
LTNG lightning NWS
LTR later GEN
LTR letter GEN
LTT landline teletypewriter ICAO
LTTR latter GEN
LV leaving GEN
LV light and variable ICAO
LVE leave or leaving ICAO
LWR lower GEN
LX low index NWS
LYR layer or layered or layers NWS
in RVR indicates visibility less than lowest reportable
sensor value (e.g. M600) METAR
M in temperature field means "minus" or below zero METAR
M Mach number GEN
M maritime (air mass) NWS
M metres (preceded by figures) ICAO
M missing (weather reports only) NWS
M Mountain Standard Time (time groups only) NWS
MA map analysis NWS
MAA maximum authorized (IFR) altitude GEN
MAC Military Airlift Command GEN
MACKAY Mackay Radio and Telegraph Company GEN
MAG magnetic GEN
MAGSI minimum altitude at glide slope intersection inbound GEN
MAINT maintenance GEN
MALS medium intensity approach lighting system GEN
medium intensity approach lighting system with
sequenced flashers GEN
medium intensity approach lighting system with runway
alignment indicator lights GEN
MAM maintenance assumes monitor GEN
MAN Manitoba NWS
MAN manual GEN
MANAM manual amendment GEN
MANOP manual of operations GEN
MAP aeronautical maps and charts ICAO
MAP missed approach point GEN
MAPS Meteorological Aeronautical Presentation System GEN
MAPT missed approach point ICAO
MAR at sea ICAO
MARPT municipal airport GEN
MARSA military assumes responsibility for separation of aircraft GEN
MAS manual A1 simplex ICAO
MAS military alert system GEN
MAX maximum GEN
MB marker beacon GEN
MB millibars GEN
MCA minimum crossing altitude GEN
MCAS Marine Corps Air Station GEN
MCAS(H) Marine Corps Air Station (Helicopter) GEN
MCK maintenance check GEN
MCW modulated continous wave ICAO
MCZNE minimum when control zone effective GEN
MDA minimum descent altitude GEN
MDF medium frequency direction finding station ICAO
MDFY modify GEN
MDH minimum descent height ICAO
MDT moderate GEN
MDZ modernize GEN
MDZN modernization GEN
MEA minimum en route altitude GEN
MECH mechanic GEN
MED medical GEN
MED medium GEN
MEGG merging NWS
MEHT minimum eye height over threshold ICAO
MEML memorial GEN
MET meteorological GEN
METAR aviation routine weather report ICAO
METOF meteorological officer GEN
METRO metropolitan GEN
MEX Mexico NWS
MF medium frequency GEN
MFS military flight service GEN
MGMT management GEN
MGR manager GEN
MHA minimum holding altitude GEN
medium and high frequency direction-finding station
(same location) ICAO
MHDG magnetic heading GEN
MHFR military height finder radar GEN
MHKVLY Mohawk Valley NWS
medium high and very high frequency direction-finding
station (same location) ICAO
MHz megahertz GEN
MI manufacturing inspector GEN
MI mile GEN
MI shallow METAR
MID middle GEN
MID mid-point (related to RVR) ICAO
MIDIZ Mid-Canada Identification Zone GEN
MIDN midnight NWS
MIDPT midpoint GEN
MIFG patches of shallow fog not deeper than two meters NWS
MIFG shallow fog METAR
MIL military GEN
MIMNO mimeographic notice GEN
MIN minute GEN
MIREQ minimum requirements specified GEN
MIRL medium intensity runway edge lights GEN
MIS Missing …(transmission identification) ICAO
MISC miscellaneous GEN
MISG missing GEN
MISL missile GEN
MKD marked GEN
MKR marker GEN
MKR marker radio beacon ICAO
MLS microwave landing system GEN
MLTLVL melting level NWS
MM millimeter GEN
MMO main meteorological office NWS
MNLD mainland NWS
MNLY mainly GEN
MNM minimum ICAO
MNT monitor ICAO
MNTN maintain ICAO
MNVR maneuver GEN
MOA memorandum of agreement GEN
MOA military operations area GEN
MOC minimum obstacle clearance (required) ICAO
MOCA minimum obstruction clearance altitude GEN
MOD modulate or modulation or modulator GEN
MOGR moderate or greater NWS
MON above mountains ICAO
MONOK monitor resumed normal operation GEN
MONOS monitor out of service GEN
MONTR monitor NWS
MOPS Minimum operational performance standards ICAO
MOPTAR multi-object phase tracking and ranging GEN
MOREPS monitor station reports GEN
MOT Ministry of Transport (Canada) GEN
Meteorological Operational Telecommunications-Network
Europe ICAO
MOV move NWS
MPH miles per hour GEN
MPP Merit Promotion Program GEN
MPS meters per second ICAO
MRA minimum reception altitude GEN
MRG medium range GEN
MRGL marginal NWS
MRM maintenance returns monitor GEN
MRNG morning NWS
MRP ATS/MET reporting point ICAO
MRR mechanical reliability report GEN
MRTM maritime NWS
MRU Military Radar Unit GEN
MS minus NWS
MSA minimum safe/sector altitude GEN
MSAW minimum safe altitude warning GEN
MSG message GEN
MSGCTR message center GEN
MSL mean sea level GEN
Message …(transmission identification) has been
misrouted ICAO
MSSR Monopulse secondary surveillance radar ICAO
MSTLY mostly NWS
MSTR moisture NWS
MT mountain ICAO
MTCA minimum terrain clearance altitude GEN
MTN mountain NWS
MTR military training route GEN
MTRL material GEN
MTRY momentary GEN
MTU metric units ICAO
MTW mountain wave ICAO
designate a friction value representing runway surface
conditions (Greek letter) GEN
MUA maximum usable altitude GEN
MUF maximum usable frequency GEN
MULT multiple GEN
MUNI municipal GEN
MV millivolt GEN
MVA minimum vector altitude GEN
medium and very high frequency direction-finding station
(same location) ICAO
MVFR marginal VFR NWS
MWO Meteorological Watch Office ICAO
modernized weather teletypewriter communications
system GEN
MXD mixed NWS
N north or northern latitude ICAO
N/A not applicable GEN
NA not authorized GEN
NAAS Naval Auxiliary Air Station GEN
NAATS National Association of Air Traffic Control Specialists GEN
NAB not above GEN
NACOS national communications schedule GEN
NADIN National Airspace Data Interchange Network GEN
NAF Naval Air Facility GEN
NAFEC National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center GEN
NANAC National Aircraft Noise Abatement Council GEN
NAP not at present GEN
NAR North American Route GEN
NAR not according to routine GEN
NAS National Airspace System GEN
NAS Naval Air Station GEN
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration GEN
NASC National AIS system centre ICAO
NASP National Airport System Plan GEN
NAT North Atlantic GEN
NATCAS Navigation, ATC, and Collision Avoidance System GEN
NATCC National Air Transport Coordinating Committee GEN
NATCOM National Communications Center GEN
NATL national GEN
NATS noise abatement test system GEN
NAV navigation GEN
NAVAID navigational aid GEN
NAVLO Navy Liaison Officer GEN
NAVREP Navy Representative to the FAA GEN
NB New Brunswick NWS
NB northbound ICAO
NBCAP national beacon code allocation plan GEN
NBFR not before ICAO
NBND northbound GEN
NBRHD neighborhood GEN
NC no change GEN
NCDC National Climatic Data Center GEN
NCS National Communications System GEN
NCWX no change in weather NWS
NDB nondirectional radio beacon GEN
NDB/DME NDB and DME (collocated) GEN
NE north-east ICAO
NEB north-eastbound ICAO
NEC necessary GEN
NEG negative GEN
NELY northeasterly (weather reports only) NWS
NERN northeastern NWS
NESS national environmental satellite service GEN
NEW ENG New England NWS
NFDC National Flight Data Center GEN
NFDD National Flight Data Digest GEN
NFLD Newfoundland NWS
NFQ night frequency GEN
NFT no filing time GEN
NFU not for us GEN
NG National Guard GEN
NGT night NWS
National Airspace System Interfacility Communications
System GEN
NIL none GEN
NIL unable to transmit GEN
NIS not in system GEN
NL no layers NWS
NLT not later than GEN
NM nautical mile GEN
NMBR number NWS
NMC National Meteorological Center GEN
NML normal GEN
NMN no middle name GEN
NMR nautical mile radius GEN
NMRS numerous GEN
NNE north-north east ICAO
NNERN north-northeastern (weather reports only) NWS
NNEWD north-northeastward (weather reports only) NWS
NNW north-north west ICAO
NNWRN north-northwestern (weather reports only) NWS
NNWWD north-westward (weather reports only) NWS
NO No (negative) ICAO
NO not available METAR
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration GEN
NOAC no action necessary GEN
NOFIN no further information GEN
NOIFN no information GEN
NOMAD Naval Oceanographic Meteorological Automatic Device GEN
NONEG negative replies not required GEN
NOPT no procedure turn required GEN
NORAD North American Aerospace Defense Command GEN
NORDO no radio GEN
NOREC no record GEN
NOREP no report GEN
no pilot balloon observation will be filed next collection
unless weather changes significantly NWS
NORR no reply received GEN
NORST no restrictions GEN
NOS National Ocean Service GEN
NOSI now simultaneous GEN
NOSIG no significant change ICAO
NOSPL no special observations taken (weather reports only) NWS
NOTAM Notice to Airmen GEN
NOZ normal operating zone GEN
NOZ Normal operating zone ICAO
NPI nonprecision instrument GEN
NPRS nonpersistent NWS
NR near GEN
NR number GEN
NRAB Naval Reserve Air Base GEN
NRD no record of destination GEN
NRH no reply heard ICAO
NRV nonrevenue GEN
NRW narrow GEN
NS nimbostratus NWS
NS Nova Scotia NWS
NSC no significant cloud ICAO
NSCSWD no small craft or storm warning are being displayed NWS
NSP nonstandard holding pattern GEN
NSSFC National Severe Storm Forecast Center GEN
NSTP nonstop GEN
NSW no significant weather METAR
NTE not to exceed GEN
NTFND no trouble found GEN
NTFY notify GEN
NTL National ICAO
NTO name to GEN
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board GEN
NTZ No transgression zone ICAO
NUDET nuclear detonation GEN
NVA negative vorticity advection NWS
NW north-west ICAO
NWB north-westbound ICAO
NWLY northwesterly (weather reports only) NWS
NWRN northwestern (weather reports only) NWS
NWS National Weather Service GEN
NWSO Naval Weather Service Office GEN
NXT next GEN
O/F on file GEN
O/R on request GEN
O/T overtime GEN
OAC oceanic area control GEN
OAG Official Airline Guide GEN
OANDR operation and regulation GEN
OARTS oceanic air route tracking system GEN
OAS obstacle assessment surface ICAO
OAT outside air temperature GEN
OB on board GEN
OBL obliterate GEN
OBS observation NWS
OBSC obscure NWS
OBST obstacle ICAO
OBST obstruct GEN
OBSTN obstruction GEN
OC obstruction chart GEN
OCA obstacle clearance altitude ICAO
OCA oceanic control area ICAO
OCAC oceanic ATC GEN
OCFNT occuluded front NWS
OCH obstacle clearance height ICAO
OCL obstacle clearance limit ICAO
OCLD occlude NWS
OCLN occlusion NWS
OCNL occasional GEN
OCR occur GEN
OCS obstacle clearance surface ICAO
ODALS omnidirectional approach lighting system GEN
OFAS overseas flight assistance service GEN
OFC office GEN
OFFL official GEN
OFM out for maintenance GEN
OFP occluded frontal passage NWS
OFP original flight plan GEN
OFSHR offshore NWS
OFW off watch GEN
OFZ Obstacle free zone ICAO
OGN Originate ICAO
OHD overhead ICAO
OINT omni intersection GEN
OJT on-the-job training GEN
OK operating normally GEN
OK We agree or it is correct ICAO
OLDI On line data interchange ICAO
OM outer marker GEN
OMSG our message GEN
OMTNS over mountains NWS
ONSHR on shore NWS
ONT Ontario NWS
ONW on watch GEN
OOT out of tolerance GEN
OPA opaque, white type of ice formation ICAO
OPC operational control ICAO
OPDT opposite direction traffic GEN
OPER operate GEN
OPMET operational meteorological (information) ICAO
OPN operation GEN
OPNML operations normal GEN
OPR operate, operator, operational ICAO
OPS operations ICAO
ORD order, indication of ICAO
ORGPHC orographic NWS
ORIG original GEN
ORL overrun lights GEN
OSV ocean station vessel NWS
OTAS on top and smooth NWS
OTFC overflight traffic GEN
OTLK outlook NWS
OTR other GEN
OTRW otherwise GEN
OTS organized track system GEN
OTS out of service GEN
OUBD outbound ICAO
OVC overcast NWS
OVD overdue GEN
OVHD overhead GEN
OVLA overlay GEN
OVNGT overnight GEN
OVR over GEN
OVRN overrun GEN
OVSEA overseas GEN
OVTK overtake GEN
OW one way GEN
OWF optimum working frequency GEN
OXY oxygen GEN
in RVR indicates visibility greater than highest reportable
sensor value (e.g. P600FT) METAR
P Pacific Standard Time (time group only) NWS
P polar (air mass) NWS
P prohibited area ICAO
P/CG pilot controller glossary GEN
P6SM visibility greater than 6 SM (TAF only) METAR
PA precision approach GEN
PA pressure altitude GEN
PAC Pacific NWS
PACF parent FSS assumes control of part-time FSS GEN
PAEW personnel and equipment working GEN
PAJA parachute jumping activities GEN
PALS precision approach lighting system ICAO
PANS procedures for air navigation services ICAO
PAPI precision approach path indicator GEN
PAR precision approach radar GEN
PARA paragraph GEN
PAREN parenthesis GEN
PARL parallel ICAO
PAT pattern GEN
PATC Precision approach terrain chart ICAO
PATWAS pilots automatic telephone weather answering service GEN
PAU present address unknown GEN
PAX passenger ICAO
PBCT proposed boundary crossing time GEN
PBL probable NWS
PBS public buildings service GEN
PCA positive control area GEN
PCD proceed ICAO
PCL pilot controlled lighting GEN
PCL Pilot controlled lighting ICAO
PCN pavement classification number ICAO
PCPN precipitation NWS
PCS permanent change of station GEN
PD period GEN
PDAR preferential arrival/departure route (Stage A) GEN
PDC Pre-departure clearance ICAO
PDMT predominant NWS
PDMT predominate NWS
PDR preferential departure route (Stage A) GEN
PDW priority delayed weather NWS
PEN peninsula NWS
PER performance ICAO
PERCOM peripheral communications GEN
PERF perforator GEN
PERM permanent GEN
PFSV pilot to forecaster service GEN
PGTSND Puget Sound NWS
PHYS physical GEN
PIB Pre-flight information bulletin ICAO
PIBAL pilot balloon observation NWS
PIC pilot in command GEN
PIR precision instrument runway GEN
PIREP pilot weather report GEN
PIRFC pilot requests forecast GEN
no pilot balloon observation due to unfavorable sea
conditions NWS
PISO no pilot balloon observation due to snow NWS
PIT pilot instructor training GEN
no pilot balloon observation due to high or gusty
surfacewind NWS
PJE parachute jumping exercise ICAO
PK WND peak wind (weather reports only) NWS
PL ice pellets METAR
PLF private line telephone GEN
PLN flight plan ICAO
PLOB place of birth GEN
PLS please GEN
PLT private line teletypewriter GEN
PLVL present level ICAO
PLW plow (snow) NWS
PM post meridiem GEN
PMSN permission GEN
PMT permit GEN
PN prior notice required ICAO
PNHDL panhandle NWS
PO dust devils METAR
PO post office GEN
PO purchase order GEN
POA privately owned aircraft GEN
POB persons on board ICAO
POS positive GEN
POSS possible ICAO
POV privately owned vehicle GEN
PP pay period (number) GEN
PPI plan position indicator ICAO
radar weather report not available (or omitted for a reason
different than those otherwise stated) NWS
PPINE radar weather report no echoes observed NWS
radar weather report equipment inoperative due to
breakdown NWS
PPIOK radar weather report equipment operation resumed NWS
radar weather report equipment inoperative due to
maintenance NWS
PPR prior permission required GEN
PPS propose GEN
PR partial METAR
PR photo reconnaissance GEN
PRBL probable GEN
PRBLTY probability NWS
PRCF parent FSS returns control of part-time FSS GEN
PRCHT parachute GEN
PRCTN precaution GEN
PRECD precede GEN
PRES pressure GEN
PRESFR pressure falling rapidly NWS
PRESRR pressure rising rapidly NWS
PREV previous GEN
PRFG fog partial METAR
PRI primary ICAO
PRIM primary GEN
PRIN principal GEN
PRIND present indications are GEN
PRIRA primary radar GEN
PRJMP pressure jump (weather reports only) NWS
PRKG parking ICAO
PRN pseudo random noise GEN
PROB probability ICAO
PROB30 slight chance METAR
PROB40 probability 40 percent METAR
PROC procedure GEN
PROCD proceed GEN
PROG prognosis or prognostic NWS
PROG progress GEN
PROP propeller GEN
PROPA propagation GEN
PROSIG procedure signal GEN
PROV provisional ICAO
PRP prepare GEN
PRSNT present NWS
PRST persist GEN
PRVD provide GEN
PS passenger service GEN
PS plus NWS
PSBL possible GEN
PSBT pilot self-briefing terminal GEN
PSG passage NWS
PSG passing NWS
PSGR passenger GEN
PSN position GEN
PSNAL personal GEN
PSNL personnel GEN
PSP pierced steel planking ICAO
PSR packed snow on runway NWS
PSR Primary surveillance radar ICAO
PSRI position subject to return of incumbent GEN
PSRS position subject to rotating shifts GEN
PST Pacific Standard Time GEN
PT procedure turn GEN
PTCHY patchy NWS
PTCP participate GEN
PTLY partly NWS
PTN portion GEN
PTN procedure turn ICAO
PTR printer GEN
PTS polar track structure ICAO
PUB public GEN
PUBL publish GEN
PUP pickup GEN
PVA positive vorticity advection NWS
PVASI pulsating/steady visual approach slope indicator GEN
PVL prevail GEN
PVLT prevalent GEN
PVT private GEN
PWB pilot weather briefing GEN
precipitation identifier information not available (weather
reports only) NWS
PWR power GEN
PWRNO power failure GEN
PWROK power restored GEN
PY spray METAR
QDM magnetic heading ICAO
QDR magnetic bearing ICAO
QFE atmospheric pressure at airport elevation ICAO
QFLOW quota flow control procedures GEN
QFU magnetic orientation of runway ICAO
QLFY qualify GEN
QLTY quality GEN
QN question GEN
altimeter sub-scale setting to obtain elevation when on the
ground ICAO
QNTY quantity GEN
QSTNRY quasistationary NWS
QTE true bearing ICAO
QTR quarter GEN
QUAD quadrant GEN
QUE Quebec NWS
R Acknowledgement of receipt (message handling) GEN
R Received (acknowledgement of receipt) ICAO
R restricted area (followed by identification) ICAO
R right (runway identification) ICAO
R runway (used in RVR measurement) METAR
R/O receive only GEN
R/OC receive, only centers GEN
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force GEN
RABA no RAWIN obs., no balloons available NWS
RABAL radiosonde balloon wind data NWS
RABAR radiosonde balloon release NWS
RAC rules of the air and air traffic services ICAO
RACFI radio and communication facilities inoperative GEN
RACO no RAWIN obs., communications out NWS
RACON radar responder beacon GEN
RADAT radiosonde observation data NWS
RADNO report missing account radio failure NWS
RADON radar beacon GEN
RADU weather radar analysis and development unit GEN
RAF Royal Air Force GEN
RAFC regional area forecast center ICAO
RAFI radiosonde observation not filed NWS
RAFRZ radiosonde observation freezing levels NWS
RAG ragged ICAO
RAG runway arresting gear ICAO
RAGF remote air-ground facility GEN
RAHE no RAWIN obs., no gas available NWS
RAI runway alignment indicator ICAO
RAICG radiosonde observation icing at NWS
RAIL runway alignment indicator lights GEN
RAIM Receiver autonomous integrity monitoring ICAO
RAM returned account mechanical GEN
RAOB radiosonde observation NWS
RAPCON radar approach control GEN
RAPI radiosonde report already sent in PIBAL collection GEN
RARAD radar advisory GEN
RAREP radar weather report NWS
RASC Regional AIS system centre ICAO
RASH rain showers ICAO
RASN rain and snow or showers of rain and snow METAR
RATCF radar ATC facility (USN) GEN
RAVU radiosonde analysis and verification unit NWS
RAWE no RAWIN obs. unfavorable weather NWS
RAWI no RAWIN obs. high and gusty winds NWS
RAWIN upper winds obs. (by radio methods) NWS
RAWX returned account weather GEN
RB rescue boat ICAO
RBDE radar bright display equipment GEN
RBN radio beacon GEN
RBS radar bomb scoring GEN
RC road reconnaissance GEN
RCA reach cruising altitude ICAO
RCAG remote communications air/ground facility GEN
RCC Rescue Coordination Center GEN
RCD radar cloud detection report NWS
RCDNA radar cloud detection report not available NWS
RCDNE radar cloud detection report no echoes observed NWS
RCDNO radar cloud detector inoperative due to breakdown until NWS
RCDOM radar cloud detector inoperative due to maintenance until NWS
RCF radio communication failure ICAO
RCF radiocommunication failure ICAO
RCH reach GEN
RCKY Rockies (mountains) NWS
RCL runway center line ICAO
RCLL runway center line lights ICAO
RCLM runway centerline marking GEN
RCLR radio communications link repeater GEN
RCLS runway centerline light system GEN
RCLT radio communications link terminal GEN
RCMD recommend GEN
RCN Royal Canadian Navy GEN
RCO remote communication outlet GEN
RCOM en route communications GEN
RCPT receipt GEN
RCR runway condition reading GEN
RCRD record GEN
RCV receive GEN
RCVNO receiving capability out GEN
RDARA regional and domestic air route area GEN
RDAT radar data (digitized) GEN
RDC reduce GEN
RDG ridge NWS
RDH eference datum height (ILS) ICAO
RDL radial ICAO
RDO radio ICAO
RDS radius GEN
RDSP redispatch GEN
RDSPA redispatch accepted GEN
RDWND radar dome wind NWS
RE regard GEN
REBAT reference BATCS report GEN
REC receive ICAO
RECLR recleared ICAO
RECON reconnaissance GEN
RECON reference conversation GEN
REDL runway edge light ICAO
REF reference GEN
REFONE reference our telephone conversation GEN
REFORM reference form GEN
REG registration ICAO
REG regulation GEN
REIL runway end identifier lights GEN
REINV reference invoice GEN
RELBL reliable GEN
RELCT relocate GEN
RELET reference letter GEN
REMES reference message GEN
REMT relief electronic maintenance technician GEN
RENL runway end light ICAO
RENOT regional office notice GEN
REP report or reporting point ICAO
REP represent or representative GEN
REP research project GEN
REPAML reply by airmail GEN
REPBS reference PBS message GEN
REPERF reperforator GEN
REPMES reply by message GEN
REPML reply by mail GEN
REQ request GEN
REQID request if desired GEN
REQON request consideration GEN
REQRCM request your recommendation GEN
REQSTD requested GEN
RERTE reroute ICAO
RES reserve GEN
RES resident GEN
RESA Runway end safety area ICAO
RESP response GEN
RESTR restrict NWS
RF radio frequency GEN
RFI radio frequency interference GEN
RFI ready for issue GEN
RFL refuel GEN
RFS refuse GEN
RG range (lights) ICAO
RGD ragged NWS
RGLR regular GEN
RGN region GEN
RH relative humidity NWS
RHC Right-hand circuit ICAO
RHI range height indicator GEN
RHINO radar echo height information not available NWS
RHINO radar range height indicator not operating on scan NWS
RIF reclearance in flight ICAO
RIF reduction in force GEN
RIMAT must ride company material GEN
RIOGD Rio Grande NWS
RIS reports identification symbol GEN
RITE right (direction of turn) ICAO
RL report leaving ICAO
RLA relay to ICAO
RLANO relay equipment out of operation GEN
RLAOK relay equipment resumed operation GEN
RLBG relative bearing GEN
RLCE request level change en route ICAO
RLLS runway lead-in lighting system ICAO
RLNA request level not available ICAO
RLS release GEN
RLSTN relay station GEN
RLTV relative GEN
RLV relieve GEN
RLVL report level GEN
RMK remark ICAO
RMLR radar microwave link repeater GEN
RMLT radar microwave link terminal GEN
RMN remain GEN
RMRK remark GEN
RNAV area navigation GEN
RNFL rainfall NWS
RNG Army National Guard GEN
RNG radio range ICAO
RNP required navigation performance ICAO
RO regional office GEN
RO regulated output GEN
ROBEPS radar operating below prescribed standard NWS
ROBEX regional OPMET bulletin exchange ICAO
ROC rate of climb ICAO
ROCC NORAD Region Operations Control Center GEN
ROD rate of descent ICAO
ROFOR route forcast ICAO
ROLET reference letter from our office GEN
ROMEMO reference our memorandum GEN
ROMES reference message from our office GEN
RON remaining overnight GEN
ROPBS reference PBS message from our office GEN
RORQN reference requisition from our office GEN
ROT rotate GEN
ROTEL reference telegram from our office GEN
ROTG rotating GEN
ROTWX reference our TWX GEN
RPD rapid NWS
RPFOD reported for duty GEN
RPI Radar position indicator ICAO
RPL repetitive flight plan ICAO
RPLC replace GEN
RPM rotation per minute GEN
RPR repair GEN
RPRT report GEN
RPS radar position symbol ICAO
RPT repeat GEN
RPT Repeat or I repeat ICAO
RQ Indication of a request ICAO
RQ request GEN
RQMNTS requirements ICAO
RQN requisition GEN
RQP request flight plan ICAO
RQP request permission GEN
RQR require GEN
RQRP request reply GEN
RQS request supplementary flight plan ICAO
RR low or medium frequency radio range stations GEN
RR radar range station GEN
RR report reaching ICAO
RRCVR remote receiver GEN
RRL runway remaining lights GEN
RRP runway reference point GEN
RRPD runway reference point downwind GEN
RRPU runway reference point upwind GEN
RS receiver station GEN
RS record special observation (weather reports only) NWS
RSC rescue sub-center ICAO
RSCD runway surface condition ICAO
RSCU rescue GEN
RSG rising NWS
RSN reason GEN
RSOPN resumed operation GEN
RSP responder beacon ICAO
RSR en route surveillance radar ICAO
RSTR restrict GEN
RSU runway supervisory unit GEN
RSVN reservation GEN
RT round trip GEN
RTD delayed ICAO
RTE route GEN
RTF radiotelephone GEN
RTG radiotelegraph GEN
RTHL runway threshold light ICAO
RTMTR remote transmitter GEN
RTN return ICAO
RTND retained GEN
RTNE routine GEN
RTRD retard GEN
RTRN return GEN
RTS return to service GEN
RTT radioteletypewriter GEN
RTZL runway touchdown zone light ICAO
RUF rough NWS
RUFORM reference your form GEN
RULET reference letter from your office GEN
RUMEMO reference your memorandum GEN
RUMES reference message from your office GEN
RURQN reference requisition from your office GEN
RUT standard regional route transmitting frequencies ICAO
RUTEL reference telegram from your office GEN
RUTWX reference your TWX GEN
RV rescue vessel ICAO
RVO runway visibility by observer GEN
RVR runway visual range GEN
RVRA RVR ten minute average GEN
RVRANO RVR ten minute average not available GEN
RVRENO RVR ten minute extremes not available GEN
RVRM RVR midpoint GEN
RVRMNO RVR midpoint not available GEN
RVRNO RVR not available GEN
RVRR RVR rollout GEN
RVRRNO RVR rollout not available GEN
RVRT RVR touchdown GEN
RVRTNO RVR touchdown not available GEN
RVS revise GEN
RVV runway visibility value GEN
RVVNO RVV not available GEN
RWY runway ICAO
RY runway GEN
S South or southern latitude ICAO
S/A semi-annual GEN
S/RC send/receive center GEN
SA duststorm, sandstorm, rising dust or sand METAR
SA record observation (weather reports only) NWS
SA sandstorm or dusting ICAO
SA surveillance approach GEN
SABH simultaneous automatic broadcast homer GEN
SADT same direction traffic GEN
SAFI semi-automatic flight inspection GEN
SAFI semi-automatic flight inspection aircraft GEN
SALS short approach lighting system GEN
SALS simple approach lighting system ICAO
SAN sanitary ICAO
SAO surface aviation observation NWS
SAP as soon as possible ICAO
SAPD speed at pilots discretion GEN
SAR search and rescue GEN
SARPS standards and recommended practices ICAO
SASK Saskatchewan NWS
SATCOM satellite communication ICAO
SATFY satisfy or satisfactory GEN
SAVASI simplified abbreviated visual approach slope indicator GEN
SAWRS supplementary aviation weather reporting station GEN
SB southbound ICAO
SBSD subside NWS
SC stratocumulus NWS
SCAN self-correcting automatic navigation GEN
SCANO automatic scanning unit out of service GEN
SCAOK automatic scanning unit returned to service GEN
SCAT security control of air traffic GEN
SCATANA security control of air traffic and air navigation aids GEN
SCC System Command Center GEN
SCLN semicolon GEN
SCND second (in line) GEN
SCS single channel simplex GEN
SCSL standing lenticular stratocumulus NWS
SCT scattered NWS
SCTR sector GEN
SCTY security GEN
SDB scheduled data base GEN
SDBY standby GEN
SDF simplified directional facility GEN
SE south-east ICAO
SE system engineer GEN
SEADRM seadrome GEN
SEB south-eastbound ICAO
SEC second (time) GEN
SECMR sector manager GEN
SECRA secondary radar GEN
SECT sector ICAO
SEL space environment laboratory GEN
SELS severe local storms NWS
SELY southeasterly (weather reports only) NWS
SENS sensitivity GEN
SEPN separation GEN
SEQ sequence GEN
SER service ICAO
SERN southeastern (weather reports only) NWS
SES supervisory electronics specialist GEN
SESC space environment service center GEN
SEV severe ICAO
SF standard form GEN
SFA single frequency approach GEN
SFC surface GEN
SFERICS atmospherics NWS
SFL sequence flashing lights GEN
SFO sector field office GEN
SFU sector field unit GEN
SG snow grains (weather reports only) METAR
SGD signed GEN
SGD solar-geophysical data NWS
SGFNT significant GEN
SGL signal GEN
SH showers METAR
SHF super high frequency GEN
SHFT shift (weather reports only) NWS
SHGR hail showers METAR
SHGS hail showers (small) METAR
SHLW shallow NWS
SHORN short range navigation system GEN
SHP standard holding procedure GEN
SHPL ice pellet showers METAR
SHRA rain showers METAR
SHRT short GEN
SHRTLY shortly NWS
SHRTWV shortwave GEN
SHSN snow showers METAR
SHTDN shutdown GEN
SHWR shower NWS
SI straight-in approach GEN
SIA standard instrument approach GEN
SIAP standard instrument approach procedure GEN
SID standard instrument departure GEN
SIERNEV Sierra Nevada NWS
SIF selective identification feature ICAO
SIG signature GEN
SIGMET significant meteorological information GEN
SIGWX significant weather ICAO
SIMUL simultaneous GEN
SIR snow and ice on runway NWS
SIWL single isolated wheel load ICAO
SJP standard jet penetration GEN
SKC sky clear METAR
SKED schedule GEN
SL sea level GEN
SL sick leave GEN
SLCT select GEN
SLD solid NWS
SLGT slight GEN
SLMM simultaneous compass locator at middle marker GEN
SLO slow GEN
SLOM simultaneous compass locator at outer marker GEN
SLP sea level pressure METAR
SLP slope GEN
SLP speed limiting point ICAO
SLR slush on runway NWS
SLRAP standard low frequency range approach GEN
SLS side lobe suppression GEN
SLT sleet NWS
SM statute mile GEN
SMC squawk mode code GEN
SMC surface movement control ICAO
SML small GEN
SMR statute mile radius GEN
SMR surface movement radar ICAO
SMRY summary GEN
SMS synchronous meteorological satellite GEN
SMS systems maintenance sector GEN
SMT submit GEN
SMTH smooth NWS
SMTM sometime GEN
SMWHT somewhat GEN
SN strategic navigation GEN
SN systems navigation GEN
SNBNK snowbank NWS
SND sand or sanded or sanding GEN
SNFLK snowflake NWS
SNGL single GEN
SNOINCR snow depth increase in past hour NWS
NOTAM reporting the presence or removal of hazardous
conditions due to snow, ice, slush or standing water
associated with snow, slush or ice on the movement area ICAO
SNSH snow showers ICAO
SNW snow NWS
SNWFL snowfall NWS
SOCC NORAD Sector Operations Control Center GEN
SOMSG see our message GEN
SOP standard operating procedure GEN
SORAP standard omni range approach GEN
SP standard holding pattern GEN
SP station pressure NWS
SPAN stored program for alpha numerics GEN
SPB seaplane base GEN
SPCLY especially GEN
SPD speed GEN
SPEC specification GEN
SPECI aviation selected special weather report METAR
SPKL sprinkle NWS
SPL special GEN
SPL supplementary flight plan ICAO
SPLNS south plains NWS
SPOT spot wind ICAO
SPRD spread NWS
SPRL spiral GEN
SQ squall METAR
SQDN squadron GEN
SQLN squall line NWS
SR standard range approach GEN
SR sunrise GEN
SRA surveillance radar approach ICAO
SRCH search GEN
surveillance radar element of precision approach radar
system ICAO
SRG short range ICAO
SRND surround GEN
SRPN special requisition priority number GEN
SRR search and rescue region ICAO
SRY secondary ICAO
SS sandstorm METAR
SS sunset GEN
simplified short approach lighting system with sequenced
flashers GEN
simplified short approach lighting system with runway
alignment indicator lights GEN
SSALS simplified short approach lighting system GEN
SSB single sideband ICAO
SSE south-south east ICAO
SSERN south-southeastern (weather reports only) NWS
SSEWD south-southeastward (weather reports only) NWS
SSR secondary surveillance radar GEN
SST supersonic transport ICAO
SSW south-south west ICAO
SSWRN south-southwestern (weather reports only) NWS
SSWWD south-southwestward (weather reports only) NWS
ST saint GEN
ST stratus NWS
STA straight in approach ICAO
STADMR station administrator GEN
STAGN stagnation NWS
STALO stabilized local oscillator GEN
STAR standard terminal arrival GEN
STBL stable GEN
STD standard GEN
STDY steady GEN
STF stratiform ICAO
STFRA stratus fractus NWS
STFRM stratiform NWS
STG strong NWS
STLT satellite GEN
STM storm NWS
STMGR station manager GEN
STN station GEN
STNR stationary ICAO
STNRY stationary NWS
STOL short take-off and landing GEN
STRO stereo routes GEN
STS status ICAO
STWL stopway light ICAO
STWY stopway GEN
SUB substitute GEN
SUBFIX subject to correction GEN
SUBJ subject to ICAO
SUF sufficient GEN
SUG suggest GEN
SUP supply GEN
SUPCHG supercharge GEN
SUPPL supplement GEN
SUPPS regional supplementary procedures ICAO
SUPR superior GEN
SUPSD supersede GEN
SUPT superintendent GEN
SUPVR supervisor GEN
SUSP suspend GEN
SVC service GEN
SVCBL serviceable ICAO
SVFR special VFR GEN
SVG serving GEN
SVN space vehicle number GEN
SVR severe GEN
SVRL several GEN
SW south-west ICAO
SWAP severe weather avoidance plan GEN
SWB scheduled weather broadcast GEN
SWB south-westbound ICAO
SWLG swelling NWS
SWLY southwesterly (weather reports only) NWS
SWRN southwestern (weather reports only) NWS
SWY stopway ICAO
SX stability index NWS
SXN section NWS
SYD release subject your discretion GEN
SYNOP synoptic NWS
SYNS synopsis NWS
SYS see your service GEN
SYS system GEN
T Temperature ICAO
T trace (weather reports only) NWS
T training GEN
T tropical (air mass) NWS
T true (bearing) GEN
T/R transportation request GEN
TA total aboard GEN
TA transition altitude ICAO
TAC terminal area chart GEN
TACAN tactical air navigational aid GEN
TACLO tactical air command liaison officer GEN
TACR tactical air navigation GEN
TAF aerodrome forcast ICAO
TAF terminal forecast METAR
TAIL tail wind ICAO
TAND tandum GEN
TANDA time and attendance report GEN
temporary appointment pending establishment of a
register GEN
TAR terminal area surveillance radar ICAO
TARS terminal automated radar services GEN
TARS Tethered Aerostat Radar System GEN
TAS true air speed GEN
TASR terminal area surveillance radar GEN
TAWOG travel arrangements without government expense GEN
TBJT turbojet GEN
TC tropical cyclone ICAO
TCA terminal control area GEN
TCAS traffic alert and collision avoidance system GEN
TCH threshold crossing height GEN
TCHD threshold crossing height downwind GEN
TCHU threshold crossing height upwind GEN
TCNTL trans-continental GEN
TCOM terminal communications GEN
TCU towering cumulus NWS
TD transmitter distributer GEN
TDA today GEN
TDEL time delay GEN
TDO tornado ICAO
TDY temporary duty GEN
TDZ touchdown zone GEN
TDZL touchdown zone light (system) GEN
TECR technical reason ICAO
TEL telecommunications GEN
TEL telephone ICAO
TELAU teleautograph GEN
TELCO telephone company GEN
TELCON telephone conference GEN
TELEX telephone exchange GEN
TELRY telegraph reply GEN
TEMP temperature GEN
TEMPO temporary METAR
TERPS terminal instrument procedures GEN
TET tetrahedron GEN
TF terrain following GEN
TFC traffic GEN
TFZ traffic zone GEN
TGL touch and go landing GEN
TGS taxiing guidance system ICAO
THD thunderhead NWS
THDR thunder NWS
THK thick NWS
THLD threshold GEN
THN thin NWS
THRFTR thereafter GEN
THRU through GEN
THRUT throughout GEN
THSD thousand GEN
THTN threaten GEN
TIBA Traffic information broadcast by aircraft ICAO
TIL until GEN
TIPS terminal information processing system GEN
TKOF take-off GEN
TLRNC tolerance GEN
TLTP too long to print GEN
TMA terminal control area ICAO
TMPRY temporary GEN
TMT transmit GEN
TMW tomorrow GEN
TNA turn altitude ICAO
TNDCY tendency GEN
TNGT tonight GEN
TNH turn height ICAO
TNTV tentative GEN
TO travel order GEN
TOC to be continued GEN
TOC top of climb ICAO
TOD time of delivery GEN
TODA take-off distance available ICAO
TOG take-off gross weight GEN
TOP cloud top NWS
TOR time of receipt GEN
TORA take-off run available ICAO
TOT time of transmission GEN
TOVC top of overcast NWS
TP turning point ICAO
TPG topping NWS
TR track ICAO
TR VFR low altitude training routes GEN
TRA temporary reserved airspace ICAO
TRACAB terminal radar approach control in tower cab GEN
TRACON terminal radar approach control facility GEN
TRAD terminal radar GEN
TRANS transmit or transmitter ICAO
TRBL trouble GEN
TRCV tri-color visual approach slope indicator GEN
TRIB tributary NWS
TRLVL transition level ICAO
TRML terminal GEN
TRMT terminate GEN
TRNG training GEN
TRNSP transport GEN
TROF trough NWS
TROP tropopause NWS
TRPCD tropical continental (air mass) NWS
TRPCL tropical NWS
TRPLYR trapping layer NWS
TRRN terrain GEN
TRSA terminal radar service area GEN
TRSN transition GEN
TRTD treated GEN
TS team supervisor GEN
TS thunderstorm METAR
TS transmitter station GEN
TSATLC Trans-Atlantic GEN
TSEC terminal secondary radar beacon GEN
TSFR transfer GEN
TSGR thunderstorm with hail METAR
TSGS thunderstorm with small hail METAR
TSMNO transmitting capability out of service GEN
TSMOK transmitting capability returned to service GEN
TSNT transient GEN
TSO technical standard order GEN
TSPAC Trans-Pacific GEN
TSPL thunderstorm with ice pellets METAR
TSRA thunderstorm with rain METAR
TSSA thunderstorm with duststorm or sandstorm METAR
TSSN thunderstorm with snow METAR
TSTM thunderstorm NWS
TT teletypewriter GEN
TTS teletype switching facilities GEN
TTY teletypewriter station GEN
TURB turbulence ICAO
TURBC turbulence NWS
TURBT turbulent NWS
T-VASIS T visual approach slope indicator system ICAO
TVL travel GEN
TVOR terminal VOR GEN
TWD toward GEN
TWEB transcribed weather broadcast GEN
TWI twilight GEN
TWR aerodrome control tower ICAO
TWR tower GEN
TWRG towering NWS
TWX teletypewriter exchange service GEN
TWY taxiway GEN
TWYL taxiway link ICAO
TYP type aircraft ICAO
TYPH typhoon ICAO
TYPNO teletypewriter communications out of service GEN
TYPOK teletypewriter communications returned to service GEN
U Intensity unknown (weather reports only) NWS
U/S unserviceable ICAO
UAC upper area control center ICAO
UAG upper atmosphere geophysics NWS
UAR upper air route ICAO
UDDF up and down drafts NWS
UDF ultra high frequency direction finding station ICAO
UFA until further advised GEN
UFN until further notice GEN
UFO unidentified flying object GEN
UHDT unable higher due traffic ICAO
UHDT unable higher due traffic ICAO
UHF ultra high frequency GEN
UIC upper information center ICAO
UIR upper flight information region ICAO
ULR untra long range ICAO
UN unable GEN
UNA unable ICAO
UNAP unable to approve ICAO
UNAPV unable to approve GEN
UNATNDD unattended GEN
UNAVBL unavailable GEN
UNDLD undelivered GEN
UNEC unnecessary GEN
UNHRD unheard GEN
UNID unidentified GEN
UNKN unknown GEN
UNL unlimited GEN
UNLGTD unlighted GEN
UNMON unable to monitor GEN
UNOFFL unofficial GEN
UNRDBL unreadable GEN
UNREL unreliable ICAO
UNRELBL unreliable GEN
UNRSTD unrestricted GEN
UNSATFY unsatisfactory GEN
UNSBL unseasonable NWS
UNSKED unscheduled GEN
UNSTBL unstable NWS
UNSTDY unsteady NWS
UNSTL unsettle NWS
UNUSBL unusable GEN
UP unknown precipitation METAR
UPDFTS up drafts NWS
UPDT update NWS
UPR upper NWS
UPSLP upslope NWS
UPSTRM upstream NWS
UQOT unquote GEN
URAUZ you are authorized GEN
URG urgent GEN
URIZR your recommendation is requested GEN
USAF U.S. Air Force GEN
USAFIB U.S. Army Aviation Flight Information GEN
USBL usable GEN
USCG U.S. Coast Guard GEN
USMC U.S. Marine Corps GEN
USNOF United States NOTAM Office GEN
USNS United States NOTAM System GEN
USP urgent special observation (weather reports only) NWS
UTA upper control area ICAO
UTC Coordinated Universal Time GEN
UTCOK Coordinated Universal Time Coordinate Check Completed GEN
UVV upward vertical velocity NWS
UWNDS upper winds NWS
V Variable (weather reports only) NWS
VA volcanic ash METAR
VAC visual approach chart ICAO
VAC Visual approach chart (followed by name/title) ICAO
VAL in valleys ICAO
VAN runway control van ICAO
VAPS V/STOL approach system GEN
VAR magnetic variation ICAO
VAR visual-aural radio range ICAO
VARN variation GEN
VASI visual approach slope indicator GEN
VASIS visual approach slope indicator system ICAO
VASIS Visual approack slope indicator systems ICAO
VC vicinity METAR
VCFG fog in vicinity METAR
VCNTY vicinity GEN
VDF very high frequency direction-finding station ICAO
VDP visual descent point GEN
VER vertical ICAO
VFLT visual flight GEN
VFR visual flight rules GEN
VFY verify GEN
VHF very high frequency GEN
VIA by way of GEN
VIP very important person ICAO
VIP visual integrated presentation GEN
VIS visibility GEN
VLCTY velocity NWS
VLF very low frequency GEN
VLNT violent NWS
VLR very long range ICAO
VLY valley NWS
VM voice modulation GEN
VMC visual meteorological conditions GEN
VOL volume GEN
VOLMET meteorological information for aircraft in flight ICAO
VOPR voice operated relay GEN
VOR VHF omni-directional radio range GEN
VOR/DME VOR and DME (collocated) GEN
VORTAC VOR and TACAN (collocated) GEN
VOT VOR test signal GEN
VOT vorticity GEN
VOU voucher GEN
VR veer NWS
VR VFR military training routes GEN
VRB variable ICAO
VRBL variable GEN
VRG visual reference gate GEN
VRISL Vancouver Island, BC NWS
VRT MOTN vertical motion NWS
VSA by visual reference to the ground ICAO
VSB visible GEN
VSBY visibility NWS
VSBYDR visibility decreasing rapidly NWS
VSBYIR visibility increasing rapidly NWS
VSL vessel GEN
VSP vertical speed ICAO
VSPI visual glide path indicator GEN
VSTOL vertical/short take-off and landing GEN
VTOL vertical take-off and landing ICAO
VV vertical visibility (indefinite ceiling) METAR
W warm (air mass) NWS
W west or western longitude ICAO
W white ICAO
WAC world aeronautical chart GEN
World aeronautical chart - ICAO 1:1 000, 000(followed by
name/title) ICAO
WAFC world area forcast center ICAO
WAIOP will accept, if offered, the position GEN
WB westbound ICAO
WBAR wing bar lights ICAO
WBRBN will be reported by NOTAM GEN
WBRH Weather Bureau Regional Headquarters GEN
WBTS whereabouts GEN
WCLC watch check list completed GEN
WDC-1 World Data Centers in Western Europe NWS
WDC-2 World Data Centers throughout rest of world NWS
WDI wind direction indicator ICAO
WDLY widely NWS
WDSPR widespread GEN
WDSPRD widespread NWS
WEA weather NWS
WEF with effect from, or effective from ICAO
WFP warm front passage NWS
WG working group GEN
WGS-84 World geodetic system 1984 ICAO
WI within GEN
WIBIS will be issued GEN
WID width ICAO
WIE with immediate effect or effective immediately ICAO
WILCO will comply GEN
WINT winter NWS
WINTEM forcast upper wind and temperature for aviation ICAO
WIP work in progress GEN
WK weak GEN
WKDAY weekday GEN
WKEND weekend GEN
WKN weaken GEN
WL will GEN
WLAV will advise GEN
WMO World Meteorological Organization GEN
WMSC Weather Message Switching Center GEN
WND wind NWS
WNW west-north west ICAO
WNWRN west-northwestern (weather reports only) NWS
WNWWD west-northwestward (weather reports only) NWS
WO Washington Office GEN
WO without GEN
WP waypoint GEN
WPLTO western plateau NWS
WPM words per minute GEN
WPT waypoint ICAO
WR wet runway NWS
WRM warm NWS
WRMFNT warm front NWS
WRNG warning NWS
WRS worse GEN
WS wind shear ICAO
WSCMO Weather Service Contract Meteorological Observatory GEN
WSFO Weather Service Forecast Office GEN
WSHFT wind shift NWS
WSO Weather Service Office GEN
WSOM weather service operations manual NWS
WSR wet snow on runway NWS
WSSF National Weather Service Support Facility GEN
WSSU National Weather Service Support Unit GEN
WSTCH wasatch range NWS
WSW west-south west ICAO
WSWRN west-southwestern (weather reports only) NWS
WSWWD west-southwestward (weather reports only) NWS
WT weight GEN
WTR water NWS
WTSPT waterspout NWS
WU Western Union Telegraph Company GEN
WV wave NWS
WW severe weather forecast NWS
WWW World wide web ICAO
WX weather GEN
WXCON weather reconnaissance flight pilot report NWS
WYAIO will you accept-if offered- the position of GEN
X Cross ICAO
X obscured sky condition NWS
XBAR crossbar ICAO
XCP except NWS
XH special handling service for aircraft GEN
XNG crossing ICAO
XPC expect NWS
XPLOS explosive GEN
XREP auxiliary report GEN
XS atmospherics ICAO
XTAL crystal GEN
heavy (to qualify weather phenomena- e.g. XXRA - heavy
rain) ICAO
Y Yukon Standard Time (time groups only) NWS
YCZ yellow caution zone (runway lighting) ICAO
YD yards ICAO
YDA yesterday GEN
YES Yes (affirmative) ICAO
YLSTN Yellowstone NWS
YMSG your message GEN
YMSGD your message date GEN
YR your ICAO
Z Greenwich Mean Time GEN
ZI zonal index NWS
ZI zone of interior NWS
ZM Z marker (VHF station location marker) GEN
freezing rain information not available (weather reports
only) NWS


6 hour maximum temperature. Follows RMK with five digits starting with 1. Second digit is 0 for positive and 1 for negative. The last 3 digits equal the temperature in tenths. This example value equals -23.4 °C.

6 hour minimum temperature. Follows RMK with five digits starting with 2. Second digit is 0 for positive and 1 for negative. The last 3 digits equal the temperature in tenths. This example value equals 12.3 °C (54 °F).

Total snow depth in inches. Follows RMK starting with 4/ and follow by 3 digit number that equals snow depth in inches. This example value equals 12 inches of snow currently on the ground.

24 hour maximum and minimum temperature. Follows RMK with nine digits starting with 4. The second and sixth digit equals 0 for positive for 1 for negative. Digits 3–5 equal the maximum temperature in tenths and the digits 7–9 equals the minimum temperature in tenths. This example value equals 23.4 °C (74 °F) and 12.3 °C (54 °F).
3 hour pressure tendency. Follows RMK with 5 digits starting with 5. The second digit gives the tendency. In general 0–3 is rising, 4 is steady and 5–8 is falling. The last 3 digits give the pressure change in tenths millibars in the last 3 hours. This example indicates a rising tendency of 0.6 millibars.[19]

3 or 6 hour precipitation amount. Follows RMK with 5 digits starting with 6. The last 4 digits are the inches of rain in hundredths. If used for the observation nearest to 00UTC, 06UTC, 12UTC, or 18UTC, it represents a 6-hour precipitation amount. If used in the observation nearest to 03UTC, 09UTC, 15UTC or 21UTC, it represents a 3-hour precipitation amount. This example shows 1.23 inches of rain.

24 hour precipitation amount. Follows RMK with 5 digits starting with 7. The last 4 digits are the inches of rain in hundredths. This example shows 2.46 inches of rain.

Cloud cover using WMO Code. Follows RMK starting with 8/ followed by a 3 digit number representing WMO cloud codes. 98060 Duration of sunshine in minutes. Follows RMK with 5 digits starting with 98. The last 3 digits are the total minutes of sunshine. This example indicates 60 minutes of sunshine.

Snowfall in the last 6-hours. Follows RMK with 6 digits starting with 931. The last 3 digits are the total snowfall in inches and tenths. This example indicates 22.2 inches of snowfall.

Liquid water equivalent of the snow (SWE). Follows RMK with 6 digits starting with 933. The last 3 digits are the total inches in tenths. This example indicates 2.1 inches SWE.